Buyer's guide for AR's.
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Thread: Buyer's guide for AR's.

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    Buyer's guide for AR's.

    Found this thread a while back when researching info about AR's...if you are considering an AR hope this may answer some of your questions.
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    thats a very good article..
    However complicated the issues become... it comes down to one simple question. Which is more important to you Life or Liberty? I've made my decision long ago.

    "Is life so sweet or peace so dear; as to be paid for at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it Almighty God I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me Liberty or give me Death." Patrick Henry

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    Quote Originally Posted by PWB View Post
    Found this thread a while back when researching info about AR's...if you are considering an AR hope this may answer some of your questions.

    So you want to buy an AR-15, huh?
    I read the link and agree with most of the writer's conclusions. All in all an objective and common sense approach to an often emotional type purchase. I have two points of objection.

    #1 The "Shot Peening Process" If you work in the development and production of a product that was engineered to the most efficient design (the M-16 series of weapons), not over engineered (read heavy) things come to light with issues and failures that arise in the field. Colt's Technical Data package shows more than five revisions over the years of M-16 production on just the extractor alone. The one that caught my eye was the 'shot peen' process added. A lesson learned well into the game. Shot peening is NOT a 'Voodoo' process as the aforementioned author mentioned. Ask any NASCAR or serious drag racing chief mechanic and they will be all over the subject. It closes up microscopic 'cracks and tears' which are caused by the by the machining process that can, under stress, propagate into cracks and subsequent part failure. (translate: gun no workee anymore) The Colt process is a lengthy one that goes on and on regarding shot diameter, hardness, velocity, distance from part, coverage, air pressure at the nozzle, etc.... I consider it an essential process that is just one facet of the gem that a Mil-Spec product is and is often short cutted in the real world of "Joe Blow's ARs".

    #2 The Flash Hider. The writer failed to mention the original Three Prong M-16 FH which is one of the most effective designs ever for it's size, length, weight, and most certainly it's price. No, it was not replaced due to the open prongs that "snagged on grass and branches". As Eugene Stoner himself told me the M-16 was treated to the less effective 'Birdcage ' model because troops in the field were opening steel strapped crates in the using the prongs on the end of their rifles as a prying tool to open them up. (bending barrels on occasion)

    One of the best articles written on the subject of all those different producers of the current product which is in high demand. A recommended read.

    I'm quite happy with my utterly reliable and accurate SP-1. Just my 2 cents....AC
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    There was a lot of good info in there thanks for sharing the link!!!

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    Thanks for posting the link, PWB.

    I remember reading this summary a couple years ago and thinking it would be a good stickie, but we didn't have a Black Rifle section back then.

    Well, now we do, and now it is!

    , your comments are also highly appreciated. That's an interesting tidbit about Gene Stoner and what those knuckleheads were doing in the interest of expediency! I can see me doing that......
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