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    30-30 ar

    Finally finished a 300 HAM'r build. I was wanting to have an AR that I could hunt with that had better terminal ballistics than the .223. I am not trying to start an argument with the people that hunt with the .223 round but have always felt that the 30-30 round was a great hunting round and wanted something in a standard AR platform that was close to it.

    I was looking at the 6.5 grendel when the 300HAM'R made the American Rifleman. I read a lot of the hype on line and decided the HAMR'S ballistics were sound. The 350 legend started getting hype but real ballistics were almost non existent. The fastest straight walled round at 200yds just didn't do it for me. I had been doing a lot of reloading with lighter bullets for my 336's in 30-30 (125's and 130 Speer fphc's). I was hooked. My 1911's are almost all filled with Wilson Combat parts and have never dealt with a company that has better customer relations so I put together my order.

    I bought a 18" barrel, a set of Lee dies, 60rnds of Wilson's loaded ammo and 300 cases made by Starline. Wilson Combat says you can change out the barrel with any AR15 and you are ready to go. This is close but what Wilson didn't say was that they use an intermediate gas tube that is not the same as a carbine gas tube. To Wilson Combat's credit they sent me a intermediate tube before I was even done carping at them.

    I put my AR together with the parts I was going to do for my Grendel build and I am pleased with the results. I wish I could put out more ballistics but on the 2 days I have been able to get to the range were so windy that even with sandbags my chrono kept blowing over. With very limited results I believe that the ballistic data put out by Wilson and the You Tube people are right on. The best groups I could put together were about 1.5", 3 or 4 would be very tight but I kept getting flyers that opened the group. I am blaming it on the wind. lol

    The bottom line is I have an AR that is for all practical purposes is the same as a 30-30 with bullets of 150gr or lighter. Yes my 30-30 handloads will edge the HAMR's by about a 100fps but my 30-30 has 2 more inches of barrel than my AR. Most important is I really like it.
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    I did a little reading on this round awhile back and while it looks appealing, I opted to pass as I already have several 7.62x51 AR10's, a 300AAC and a .458 socom. If anything, my next build will be the 375 socom. Research that one......

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    Made the right choice there, a lot of .308 bullets are designed for excellent terminal performance at the velocities you will see. Never did find a 100% reliable deer bullet for the 6.8 SPC that was here for awhile, which kinda figures since these bullets are made with the 270 in mind.
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    American Hunter has a short video online now about the 300 HAM'r and Bill Wilson's AR-type rifle.

    That doggone rifle is listed at over $3,600 - yikes! I'm sure it's a honey, but dang... My ol' 30-30 Glenfield is looking better every day.

    Lever Jac - I'm sure that your 300 didn't set you back $3k, and hope that you derive much satisfaction from building and using it! Would enjoy seeing some photos, and another range report when you have time. Perhaps you'll bag a whitetail with it this fall?

    Regards, Guy

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