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Thread: What cleaning / preserving products?

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    In my 50 cal (modern barrel steel barrel) I shoot Triple-7 powder and cast bullets...this works well for me: After each shot at the range from a cleaned barrel I swab the bore with two patches with Windex with Ammonia D followed by dry patches until clean...then I swab with one patch with Breakfree CLP followed by dry patches until dry....then shoot and repeat. When I am done I clean as above, then swab the bore with Breakfree CLP and leave it in there until the next range session or hunt. Before the range session or hunt I follow the same cleaning procedure as above leaving the barrel clean and dry. I have had powder sit in the barrel for days during a hunt, and when needed the gun fires and shoots as it should, so nothing I am using affects the powder. The bore is pristine and looks as good as the day it was new, is very accurate, and I have never had any rust colored residue on the cleaning patches.
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    I mix my own BP cleaner for the Flintlock 1/3 Murphy's Oil Soap, 1/3 Hydrogen Peroxide, 1/3 91% Isopropal Alcohol. Then follow up with Thompson Bore Butter on a patch for storage. If its going to be long term storage I'll mix up some Beeswax/Olive Oil 50:50 and coat the inside of the barrel.

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    I use Balistol and water, 50/50. Clean with it. Then I lube and store with pure Balistol. Never had a speck of rust on any of mine.
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