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    I came across my Springer Spaniel, Cody, by word of mouth. He was two years old and his owner who was a bird hunter and trained him, couldn't keep him any longer. After meeting with him and introducing the wife and kids, he gave us the dog, much to his relief knowing it was going to a good home and that he would be taken hunting.
    That dog was a great flusher and worked his butt off on every hunt. I had him for 13 years before his time came.
    If I was to look for another hunting dog, I would post a note for one at the local gun club, gun shop and anywhere else a hunter may see it. Even this forum is a great tool.
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    Hi guys, I'm back....had a little stint in the hospital... all good now.....In any event, I understand the pro's of a rescue dog, along with the con's.....I used to tend to lean toward a rescue. I enjoy the underdog, no pun intended. With that being said, I must, and I should have shared this experience with you before. When my wife and I moved upstate, she wanted a German Shepard. So, she joined a rescue society and followed it religiously. Then comes a nice dog, about 8 months old, and had one eye. We go to the local PetSmart, where they bring the rescues and show them off. Fill out all the paperwork, get approved, only to be told the dog will be ready in 2-3 months. Now me being me, I ask, why so long if you have already had the dog for which we were told, 3 months? Thats when the gibberish started. But the better half had her heart set on him so I didn't ask any more questions. Of course she keeps an eye on the website watching the progress of the dog....only to find out that they adopted the dog out a month later. When we went to see the dog we weren't told that anyone was interested in the dog, in fact we were told that, that day was the first day the dog was up for adoption. Well it broke her heart, and really ticked me off, and soured my taste for rescues......although I know this is just that particular case, I am really leary of rescues.......and to be perfectly honest, I wish I could find rescue that fit me well.....and I think I will do that Alawrence....I never thought of that.....

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    One of the best dogs I ever hunted over,was a lab pointer cross he would point birds rabbits flush both + retrieve. We had to chain him up if we were just going shooting or sneak off so he did not see a gun.
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