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Thread: NYC Assembly woman release bill Prop A600 to stop Pheasant hunting

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    As to stocked birds, there is a shooting preserve nearby that has populated the areea with pheasant to some extent. Northern MN lacks proper habitat and is abit harsh for pheasant but his preserve is a further west where there is some agriculture and the fly aways have started to populate the areas around it. The individual complains about that as they don't pay to hunt his land anymore, but they were paid for.

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    Your game commission is trying to allow oppertunities for people to experience a pheasant hunt that wouldn't normally be available. Same with trout fishing and you guys want to complain about that? We have a generation of kids who haven't experienced the chance and seems like maybe these programs would help allow for it to happen. This is why hunting is doomed. We are our own worse enemies.
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    I don't believe in put and take stocking of fish & game. The DNRs should direct their resources to native species. In my neck of the woods all native species are in trouble. Grouse have just about disappeared and there is more grouse cover than anytime in my life. The money should be spent to help species that can reproduce naturally.
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    The answer to the carryover/contribution question is close to zero. How long would a pen-raised chicken last in the wild? About as long. The birds have no real insincts for survival. It's basically a community service effort by the DNR to provide opportunities for sportsmen to shoot some birds and run their dogs. Local predators benefit from this community service too.
    There's a value there to be sure but it is somewhat hollow when compared to earnest efforts to improve habitat, access, and opportunities. It's basically an easter egg hunt for hunters - 'they hid some birds out here,now we get to go find them.'
    I get a little sad when I hear some older fellows talk about pheasant hunting in places like Pennsylvania and New Jersey in the 50s. Sounds like paradise.
    Dirty farming and the Soil Bank days meant lots of cover - and lots of birds.
    Without 'preserves' or put and take public hunts, a lot of guys would question keeping a bird dog. It's also a tough thing to defend to the non-hunting public since it really is far from 'fair-chase' - pretty easy pickins for the anti crowd.

    Quote Originally Posted by North Idaho Shooter View Post
    One other thing to consider, how many of those stocked birds manage to survive the hunting season to contribute to the wild population? Also, since it appears from the article that the cost to the state is minimal, the revenue from the increased license sales can be used wherever needed for all game animals. No money, no game management, no hunting.

    I, too, have mixed thoughts about the broad idea, but there are (or can be) advantages to it.

    As others have said, this is bill is a bad idea, and sets a dangerous precedent.
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    One good thing the NY DEC has going is the "young forest initiative" which will keep a certain percentage of public lands in early successional cover.


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    Good news, the bill (A600) never made it out of the Assembly's environmental conservation committee. More good news The place that raises pheasant's for NY is getting a $200,000.00 for improvement's. See NY Outdoor News for the entire article.
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