Breed of Choice and why?
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Thread: Breed of Choice and why?

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    Breed of Choice and why?

    I've been a GSP guy - nice dogs and basically instant bird dogs with some basic obedience. Thought about wirehairs or drahthaars too but keep coming back to gsps. Friendly dogs too - maybe a little wound about you - what's your breed of choice and why? Also, what do you mainly hunt? We're pheasant chasers 80% of the time with some waterfowl and grouse thrown in for variety. Looking forward to hearing about them dogs!
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    I have not had a bird dog in a lot of years now. However in my younger days my buddy and I hunted with Brittany's. A lot of dog in a smaller package. We hunted grouse and pheasants with them. I lived in town so a smaller dog worked better for me. They are a dog with a big heart. The old boy could always hunt longer then I could. Here is a picture of me while we were out pheasant hunting. I will always have good memories of being out in the field with him.


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    I have MT CURS ,of all the hounds I've had they are the smartest and the gamiest ,they are tree dogs but will bay and catch anything they can handle .
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    I like most dogs but Chihuahuas get on my nerves.
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    American Pit Bull Terrier

    1) Most powerful jaw pressure for biting trespassers/intruders
    2) Very, very strong, for weight ration, good for felling and dragging said trespassers/intruders
    3) Determination, they don't give up.
    4) Loyalty, while mentioned lin the middle, it's as important as any of the others
    5) Intimidation factor, when it's running toward the trespasser/intruder, they are scared to death.
    6) It's the most historic American breed.
    7) gaurds property and family members .

    But I figure you're referring to hunting ya go......

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    Golden Retrivers and Setters for me. Like their despostions and trainability. I like them to live with me. No kennels for us.
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    It took me a while but I think I got it, GSP = German Shorthair Pointer. I've known some nice ones.
    Right now I'm working with a Cocker Spaniel. More of a house pet than a hunter tho.

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    I owned a wonderful Springer Spaniel that was an excellent flusher. Loved hunting pheasants with him. Alas, old age took its toll as with all of our man's best friends. I'm sure he is now flushing pheasant out of the clouds.
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    Hey MountainGuy -- from the dog you have now and the breeds you're considering, it's obvious your idea of a bird dog is a pointer and not a flusher, so I will limit my comments to pointers. (Nothing wrong with that; just an observation. I've owned both and I prefer a dog that points as opposed to one that flushes).

    My pointing dogs have been 3 Brittanys and now a GSP. Every dog is an individual, and any dog from any of the recognized breeds CAN or COULD be the best dog you've ever owned, or the worst. Some generalizations, though, are possible. Now, I've had more experience, obviously, with Brits than GSP's since my ownership ratio (between those two pointing breeds) is 3:1 in favor of Brits. However, let me draw some conclusions that hopefully have merit based on my experience.

    An old saying has always been that one trains a GSP "with a 2 X 4 with nails coming out of the end." I think there is some merit to this. Even today, my GSP will often do what HE wants even though he knows I want him to do something different. In the dog world we call this "lack of biddability." To a far larger degree, the only time my Brits didn't do what I wanted is when they didn't UNDERSTAND what I wanted. In a nutshell, Brits generally have a much stronger desire to please their masters/mistresses, thus, on average making them more biddable than GSP's and easier to train.

    My current pointing dog (the GSP) doesn't have a mean bone in his body, is very birdy, and holds well to his points. So, he does have positive qualities. I mean, hey, I've killed birds over him in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and South Dakota. However, for the next dog I'm going back to Brits. My Brits have been more lovable, just as birdy, just as steady on point, better retrievers after the shot, and there was never the "battle of wills" that I'm sometimes still contending with even though the GSP is now 7 years old.

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    Not easy to find but look into the Irish Red & White Setters. Great bird dogs and family dog.


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