Marlin .22 bolt action trigger job?
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    Marlin .22 bolt action trigger job?

    I have two, an older .22 Mag with detachable mag and a 15 YN. Both are pre "9" models and have heavy triggers. I searched here and didn't come up with anything about improving these factory triggers. All the info I found is for lever action triggers. Any advice? New replacement triggers isn't in the budget for now.

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    I don't know if you got any other responses and I don't have an answer for you. I did disassemble a 15Y this past weekend and thought everything looked good when I got done cleaning, but when I put it back together the trigger won't quite drop into the full cock notch, resulting in a hammer follow down. As I said everything appears to be lined up correctly, but I'm stumped. I can't find any good diagrams of the bolt so I'm going by pictures I took during disassembly. Good luck.

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    polishing and lube help a lot. also, if its like the mdl 80, find a lighter spring, a bic pen spring is suguested.

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