Thanks to Mr. Golfbuddy and Mr. Swany. I read this post about a year ago when I was trying to improve on what I thought were my 30-30 Remlin short comings. I started out with a brand new rifle that had a crisp 5lb. pound pull and shot 2.5" groups at 50yds. Now I have a rifle that has a 3.25lb trigger and shoots 1.25 groups with factory ammo at 100yds. Would not of happened but for all of the experienced input from the people of this forum.

The work I have done to the trigger I have done in 2 stages. My first work was to just polish the sear with a fine hard Arkansas stone. Just by doing this the pull weight dropped to 4.5 lbs. I wanted a trigger pull in the 3-3.5 range. Tonight I finally had the time to work on getting the trigger I wanted. I used a fine stone on the hammer engagement just to polish not to change the sear hammer engagement angle. I don't have a vice like GolfBuddy so I decided to try to improve the sear angle like SgtDog311. I have a small 3' wide vise that I used. I kept trying to set the sear at the proper angle and could not get it it right in my vise. I was trying to use the flat of my vise as a guide. I would do a few passes with my medium ceramic stone and see where I rubbed off the black from the sharpie marker. The angle was more than I thought was right but close, instead of trying to move the sear AGAIN in the vise I used a feeler gauge on top of the vise flats to guide the back of my stone. I used my medium ceramic stone at this angle tell the sear surface was flat tell I didn't see any ink from the marker on the sear. I finished with a fine ceramic stone to a mirror polish. now I have the trigger I wanted. I feel the most important tools I used were good stones, a 5x optivisor with attached loop and a magic marker.

Thanks again to this forum and the great information the members have offered.