Many things can be done including replacing with an aftermarket fully adjustable unit.

I will discuss, methods that have worked for me.

Eliminate creep. Very simple, loosen both screws and add a shim to the rear to move the trigger sear away from the mating surface of the bolt.
Check the safety function aftewards.

Change the internal spring to lighten the pull.

I have seen a person lighten one by heating a small portion with a simple bic lighter to take the tension from one end. I do not recommend this, because if you make a mistake there is no turning back.

I have modified an existing trigger by drilling and tapping holes in the proper place front and back to eliminate creep and reduce the amount needed to pull the trigger. Pretty straight fwd if you are adept and have a few simple skills. First you have to locate the area you need to drill and tap and must do so or sorry a new trigger will be ordered. I used a #6 US fine and added front and back set screws one for trigger adjustment the other for overtravel. If you think you can likely you can. Make sure you check your safety after any trigger mod, empty of course with the firearm cocked, safety off give the stock a slap, bounce it on a carpet. Then apply and take off safety.