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Thread: Trigger pull too light

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    The trigger on my Marlin .444 was waaayyyy too heavy. First I bent the trigger return spring ala Swany----that didn't work. Next I cut coil(s) off the main spring. That worked to an extent except I was testing it with pistol primers which worked well. I loaded up some rounds with rifle primers and went to the range and got all light hits.----Being a cheapo charley I took the butt stock off got 2 flat brass washers, and put them behind the main spring to tighted the spring up----that worked----all good hits. I had to file down the opposing edges to get the stock back on though. An easy job with brass.
    Try that, hope it helps.


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    Well Iwent back there today, something came up with my kids Friday evening, and I guess I have presented myself as too educated a consumer- The price I had understood us to have agreed-upon was no longer in play...
    Ill go back in a month a offer him $ 25 less, if it's still there.

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    I realize this is a three year old post but will answer anyway. My first thought is two possibilities. First, may need cleaning. Slight possibility of hardened grease in the sear notch. Not very high on the likelihood list but possible. Second, either somebody worked on the trigger or possibly something broke. Could be the ***** in the hammer, could be the tip of the trigger. Either way, need to pull it apart and look n

    I did a quick drawing but don't laugh... It was done on my phone with my big fat fingers so the details are lacking.

    Typically, of you look at the notch in the hammer and the neck on the trigger they are at nearly matching back cut angles. By back cut, I mean that when you pull on the trigger, it does not come cleanly away from the trigger notch but rather rides up the face of the cut and will actually move the hammer slightly farther aft before it breaks. When doing a trigger job on a Marlin, most of the time you don't touch the notch in the hammer EXCEPT with a triangle shaped, very fine stone. Never use a square stone because the angle of the notch is less than 90 degrees and needs to stay that way. A fine triangle stone can get into the notch and a few LIGHT strokes are all that is needed to feel for burrs and remove them. If you don't have a triangle stone (preferably more of an acute knife edge rather than an equilateral triangle shape.)

    Next is to look at the tip of the trigger sear. Normally, the angle there is very close to the same as that on the hammer notch. (Middle example in my ugly pic). If it is nearly flat across the end like the top example in the pic, it may have been broken or filed incorrectly. This shape will be very light and possibly even unsafe. The last example in the bottom is about halfway in between. When stoned to this angle, I typically end up with about a1 3/4 to 2 pound pull which I like but others may find a bit light. If you go about halfway between the middle and bottom example you get about 3-4 pounds.
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