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    Quote Originally Posted by GB Gunsmith View Post
    Cats don't do massive kills your looking at coons. mink, ferrets, weasels but mainly coon and mink not cats.
    I know what you mean and it's true. The trouble with that theory is similar to mass murders. They kill a lot of people in one attack but they are only responsible for a small percentage of murders. The thousands of murders are done buy individuals. The sheer numbers of feral cats produce more damage to wildlife populations than a weasel in the hen house type one time massacre.
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    Once these throw away cats start breeding, they start killing every other small creature in the area. They are not safe to have around small children or silly adults who think they can be tamed. One or two can quickly turn into 10 cats. I am speaking from personal experience, this happened in my neighborhood. As much as I hated the idea, they had to go. Solution a very quite 22 cal pellet rife and a head shot with a velocity around 1400 fps. 1 1/2 weeks later all ten over the back fence, the turkey vultures eat well. Nothing here I’m proud of.
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