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Thread: 444/44Mag bullet tests

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    Great data, thanks GM. Some of your results don't surprise me. I have seen other studies where velocities less than 1500 fps obtain max penetration. It seems somewhere around that velocity is the break point for penetration. Above that velocity penetration seems to drop off pretty good. Bullet design makes a difference but almost every bullet for bullet comparison, max penetration is around 1500 fps.

    When I set up my .45-70 i set the 405 grain SP to 1450 fps. Not only did it shoot very accurately but penetration is very good. I shot 2 wild boars, one bullet, and it went through both's shoulders. The small boar was around 225 and the larger was 275. I was very impressed. So that bullet traversed about 2' of boar gristle and bone. Gotta love the .45-70.

    I really like the head to head comparison stuff, thanks for posting.
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    I really should have tested that 300 gr A Frame, as a fair amount of questions are asked about it here and there in our forum. It looks like the 240 gr is tough enough, but can't answer the comparative to a 300 gr Swift question. It would change the character of the 444 as any 300 gr load does, meaning it was originally designed after the old black powder concept of an Express Cartridge, a light for caliber bullet moving fast. Which is not to say anything negative, the heavy bullet 444 load can work great depending on which one a person chooses for what purpose. My next venture is going to be looking at 348 loads, but do not know when it will actually get done, probably just before deer season.
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    I once shot the 444 with 265 gr Hornady sp's into some 3/4 inch steel plate at 30 yards distance and you could see something shiny bounce back about 5 ft fom the steel on every shot, upon completition of the shooting we noticed that the jacket was blowing off the bullet and that is what we were seeing bounce back. The 265 gr hornady bullet was blowing a huge crater into the steel and almost penetrating the steel. This was not a test and proves nothing but I was amazed at the damage done by the 265 gr Hornady on the steel.
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    You got me thinking and I remember that I still have a couple boxes of Nosler 44 cal 250gr Partition bullet. It sorta fancies that 240 A-frame, but would be more violent on the front part and less penetration on the back half. Of course that bullet is discontinued as has many other great 44 cal bullets.
    The A-frames may be expensive, but you can't go wrong. Only cast bullets will beat them, but that is just my opinion and is easily debatable.
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    Would some one have a COL for the 240gn Swift A-Frame in the 444?
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