Radio Forum--Should You Post Your Call Sign?
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Thread: Radio Forum--Should You Post Your Call Sign?

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    Radio Forum--Should You Post Your Call Sign?

    I'd like to see this forum take off. I'd like to get back on the air after a 30+ year absence. And, I need the help assembling my station. So much change in equipment!

    But, you may want to consider whether or not to post your call sign. There is some anonymity on MO since we don't use our actual names. But you can easily be traced by your call sign, and then your MO handle is compromised, as it appears with every post.

    It all depends whether you care that anyone knows you post on a gun forum, and could have a way to follow what you post. Personally, state of Ohio knows I have a CCW, that I belong to the NRA and Ohio Gun Collectors Association, two local shooting clubs, and that I frequently show up in background checks for firearm purchases.

    On the other hand, my employer might not be so understanding. And for that reason, I do not post on FaceChat (just like Bill Belichick...).
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    I'll be setting my gear up in a few months. I want to brush up on my CW too.

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    I'd keep call signs as a PM request between members not an open forum. In this day we have ID theft in many ways.

    I can remember QSL cards from all over the world and I gave out my home address.

    Now days the NSA knows all.

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    My Dad was always fascinated with radio, made his own crystal sets growing up in the 40's...he was still making his own equipment in the 90's.
    I was his able tree monkey for long wave ant.s Those QSL cards were always a treat to look thru...from exotic contacts all over the world.
    He was a great Elmer, and a super Dad.
    Ha dilchali- Ayaats'iin

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