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Thread: Intro to the 35 Remington Cartridge

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    Thank you for the post. I'm learning a lot here at MO.

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    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, Been a fan of the .35 Remington since I killed my first buck back in ‘67 with a 336. I used a handload of 35 grains of 3031 and 220 Speer FP, velocity according to the manual about 1950fps. Took an 7 pointer that dressed 135.
    The bullet through the heart missed any bone and expanded little if at all passing through with small holes in and out.
    Second shot on the run broke a front leg and he went down, otherwise I think he would have run a good distance. This bullet a little stout for deer at that velocity.
    My best load 51 years later ~ 200 Hawk FP, .025 Jacket, 37 gr 3031, velocity about 2050 I’m guessing. These bullets expand to .60-.70 without fail, penetrate well, exit on most shots and kill all out of proportion to its size.
    If you load hotter for a Rem 760 or bolt for instance, the Hawk 200 gr Round Tip, .030 jacket at around 2250 is a better choice. The .025 jacket is great for velocities in the 1700- 2000 range.
    Well 21 people coming for dinner today and the wife is giving me the evil eye for sitting here talking guns.
    Gotta go........ Try the Hawks, pricy but the best I’ve tried for whitetails including the 200 grain core lokt. Have 300 of those to load and love them too, but the hawks dump a lot of energy fast and still hold up well.
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    Normally a '94 & 39 guy..........but........found a nice clean 35.......1971..........

    couldn't resist......should be shipped by weeks end.........

    no............not keeping the POS scope................or rings.......

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    I got my father's 336 .35 Remington built in 1957 a few years a go. I've been wanting it since I was a kid. It was the first Marlin I owned. Now I have eight Marlins in various calibres. The .35 Remington will always be the sentimental favourite though. What's the biggest game you'd say I could ethically take with the .35 Remington. I was thinking an Elk at close range with a 200 grain bullet. Any thoughts?
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    I agree with you. I have no problems with the 200 gr for elk (or black bear) at relatively short distances. They get below 1000 ft/lbs pretty quickly and I would not want to shoot past 100 yards. Where I hunt that is not a problem because a LONG shot would be 80 yards.

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