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Thread: Roll Tide ???????

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    Clemson played one heck of a game against an Alabama team that dominated everybody else. Clemson capitalized big time on ALL Alabama's mistakes and didn't give Alabama the opportunity to capitalize on theirs. Not only that - but Clemson never let up. You can never back off the pressure against a team like Alabama when you are ahead....

    I think this was the first game where Alabama's quarterback had serious pressure - and it showed. He didn't seem to perform well when Clemson started pressuring him and chasing him around. He didn't play the same after the 1st sack. He got nervous and seemed to have trouble with his reads and check downs on alternate receivers.

    For example - I saw a lot of plays where Tua looked like he was focused on one play opening up rather than quickly moving on and dumping it off to a shorter open route down field - and then got shut down.... Then you are facing 3rd and long vs the typical 3rd and short which they had no issues converting.

    Then there was the fake kick where the 165lb kicker ran straight up the middle into the jaws of an unblocked 350lb D-lineman without a blockerp.. huh? Kickers aren't tailbacks.... Those sort of plays generally revolve around some sort of swing pass to a tight end or running back in the flat....

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    I know a lot of folks love the games and the rivalry between these two teams and the Carolina game c.o.c.k.s here in SC, I have never watched the first game and most likely never will,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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    I am still reflecting on the ups and downs of the last deer season..........
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