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Thread: Buffalo Rifle Powder

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    Too low pressure for a full burn, add more powder to increase pressure and burn.

    35-38grs with a good crimp and I bet things start looking different.
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    One of the tricks the muzzle loaders used to do back in the day when deciding what load was to shoot over snow, increasing the load until unburnt powder started showing up on the snow. They would then know they had the optimum load for that barrel length.
    Seems to me you are overloaded for that barrel length.
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    I ran across this when on Accurate's site today. This information should be applicable to buffalo rifle as well. See FAQ number 8

    FAQ « Accurate Powders

    It can best be described as a fast burning Rifle or slow burning Magnum handgun double base “hybrid” powder, having the typical chemical composition of handgun powders i.e. 20% NG – and the geometry of a typical extruded single perforated rifle powder.
    Rifle applications:
    This makes the powder very ignitable, which makes it ideal for low loading density applications, such as reduced loads on bottle neck rifle calibers, and low performance “straight case” designs, such as the old “black powder” calibers i.e. 45-70 45-110 50-110 etc.
    The powder is virtually insensitive to powder position, and there is no need for “fillers”. It will deliver consistent results at low performance levels. Although there will be some un-burnt powder (see paragraph below) the performance will remain consistent.
    Due to its ignitability, any strength rifle primer can be used.
    Handgun applications:
    This powder makes for an excellent powder in large capacity handgun calibers such as 44/45 “Magnum” types or “std” cases with similar capacities. With some of these calibers full power or close to full power is achievable, usually at full case/maximum loading densities. The powder can also be at reduced levels in handgun calibers, but with same effect re un-burnt powder. (See paragraph below)
    Un-burnt powder granules:
    Although, this is a powder recommended for reduced/low performance loads, it cannot be completely efficient (clean burning) at very low Pressure/performance levels of <18000psi.
    It still is a modern, high-density, smokeless powder, with limitations regarding complete combustion at very low chamber pressures. With nitro-cellulose based “Modern” powders, the burn rate and pressure are directly proportional.
    This means that some level of un-burnt powder will be present, constituting the remainder of some of the powder granules. This cannot be improved with primers or crimp etc, the only way to eliminate this, is an increase in chamber-pressure.
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    Unless it is a position sensitive powder don't use a filler.
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