Cast bullet Max velocity
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Thread: Cast bullet Max velocity

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    Cast bullet Max velocity

    Good day everyone.
    Rifle is MG vintage 1978.
    Have decided to give cast bullets a go.
    What I know.
    - higher velocity (1400+) needs GC.
    - .460 seems to be the go-to size
    - BHN of 18+/-

    So what is the max velocity of a 300gr cast bullet without lead fouling?

    Thanks people
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    longshotz you got multiple veriables

    Micro groove or Ballard...
    condition of bore and lubrication.

    I hear guys say 1,700... but the cast pushers tend to not be about speed. ( I shoot more Jacketed bullets myself ).
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    Gas check, maybe-maybe not
    speed, depends on how the bullet/gun/performance comes together
    I would never start with a "boolit" that hard
    I have had much better luck with a 400ish grain boolit

    Shooting cast is about finding a boolit your gun likes (proper fit), develop an accurate load. A really fast miss is'nt real impressive.
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    Pressure and fit matter more than FPS.
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    Have you slugged the bore? I go .002 bigger than bore. Are you going to use gas check?
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    Bullet lube is very important. A good lube allows you to extend velocity. I still have a bunch of linotype, wheel weights, lead, and 20-1 mix. I always did best with 20-1 alloy (even 40-1) so long as I used the soft lube. The crayon stuff is great for commercial guys because it stays on the bullets during handling. The soft stuff will stick to fingers until it sets or a few days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by longshotz View Post
    So what is the max velocity of a 300gr cast bullet without lead fouling?
    I use Iowegan's formula to calculate required BHN: PSI / 1400 or CUP / 1440.
    My Lyman #48 does not publish CUP or PSI for rifle loads in 38, 357, so I use the pistol specs.

    I contacted a few cast bullet makers.
    BHN 12 = All Missouri
    BHN 24 = All Oregon Trail laser cast
    BHN 15 = All Chey-Cast
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    Ive pushed my own cast bullets to 2600 fps so far. Others chasing speed have gone above 3000. Bullet fit and lube are most important. Of course with cast you don't need all that speed for hunting especially with the 45-70
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    The most important thing is finding the load that makes your gun perform the best. I always start at the low end of the spectrum and go up in .5gr increments. If your trying for high velocity so it's flatter shooting and the range is farther your should consider changing caliber rifles. I have a 7mm mag for that senario. I always try and find the sweet spot for all of mine and stop there. Most of mine are sighted in with the 405gr cast and my SBL is sighted in with a 465gr cast. Both of those bullets have never disappointed me. With a large flat meplat this ole caliber will down anything on this planet. I have found that max velocity with any bullet usually punishes my shoulder too much at my age and makes the gun not fun to shoot at all. The size bullet you are using should be good fit for the bore. I GC all my cast bullets just because I don't want to experience heavy leading. There are several articles on this forum where the 405gr cast has been used in Africa on big game and performed very nicely.
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    I shoot a cast 405-grain (with gas check) at 1,800 fps with no leading. My Marlin has Ballard rifling. With a 405-grainer, I don't want to go any faster than 1,800 fps, as it really gets my attention when I touch it off. But, it's very accurate and I like shooting it at deer. (They don't like it, though.)
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