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Thread: Porting For Bear

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judge Roy Bean View Post

    So, what would you do if you awoke @ 2:00 am and that bear wasn't there?
    If it was me, I would run to check to see if my picnic basket was also missing! 😁

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeverBoomStick View Post
    How much real world gain in follow up shots should I expect from porting? Or is it so minor that anything gained would be negligible? I'm just not sure how much time I should expect to have after the first shot, before Mr. Grizz is in my face
    all styles of porting aren't equal .... the only style that we have found to work for us is done by Mag-na-port .... their process most certainly makes a difference in barrel jump and offers a secondary reduction of felt recoil .... what it doesn't do is redirect a portion of the muzzle blast back into the face of the shooter .... it will increase the sound from the muzzle blast to the side, example when firing from a bench there will be an increase directed at shooting stations on each side .... once again, not back at the person pulling the trigger .... in our collection we have a Ruger Redhawk 44 mag, a Remington 700 BDL chambered in 300 WBY Mag, and a Remington stainless 30-06 that have been Mag-na-ported .... the recoil from a 300 WBY cartridge is brutal and the muzzle jump is considerable .... since having ours Mag-na-ported, when shooting from sandbags, you can take your hand off of the fore-end and the barrel will not jump off of the bag .... I have seen the bullet impact on each of the last 3 deer that I've taken with that rifle .... we will be ordering a 45-70 within the next few months .... if, after firing it, we believe that muzzle jump is an issue, we will not hesitate to have it Mag-na-ported .... dealing with felt recoil is a different matter .... while Mag-na-porting does help, we have found that done in combination with having mercury recoil suppressor and a Kick-eez Modified Trap Recoil Pad professionally installed does wonders .... just to make it clear, our only connection to any of these product is that of a customer who has put them to extensive use, over time, and found them to work

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    I prefer an unported bbl, but what works well for me may not work well for others.

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