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    Moki, this is from one of the letters in the Ken Waters' Notebook. There is more data in the Pet Loads.

    7-30 Waters T/C Contender 14" Barrel
    139 Hornady Spire Pt. 32.0 IMR4320 2150
    139 Hornady Spire Pt. 37.0 IMR4350 2146
    140 Nosler BT 35.0 H414 2084
    140 Nosler BT 35.0 W760 2128
    150 Sierra SBT 34.0 W760 2084
    150 Sierra SBT 34.0 H414 2038
    150 Sierra SBT 34.0 IMR4350 2040
    150 Nosler SBT 31.0 IMR4320 2063
    154 Hornady Spire Pt. 34.0 IMR4350 2020
    160 Sierra SBT 34.0 IMR4350 2000
    160 Sierra SBT 32.0 H414 1925
    160 Sierra SBT 30.0 IMR4320 2042
    162 Hornady 30.0 IMR4320 2015
    162 Nosler SBT 32.0 W760 1910
    Federal 7-30 Cases with Federal 210M primers
    Start 20% below these loads.
    Ken Waters 8/26/88

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    Thank you for the data that is great.

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    Whoo hoo its here I totally appreciate the copied pages...

    Thank you so very much...

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    I've had two brown covered paper back versions of Pet Loads by Ken Waters kicking around for years.
    I wondered about the validity of the loads considering the changes in powders, bullets and other components over so many years.
    I have just about every reloading manual ever printed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moki View Post
    I purchased a 21" barreled T/C Contender carbine in 7-30 Waters last year been looking for Ken Waters load data for this cartridge ever since.

    Sure would like to score a copy of his 7-30 Waters data.

    Nudge nudge wink wink...
    I would suggest just springing for his Pet Loads book. You won't be sorry!
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    I have one of his older Pet Loads books that came in a 3-ring binder, as well as a newer bound edition. His "notebook" publication contains a wealth of data that is found no where else. Most of it is copies of letters readers sent to him with his answering letters. To say he is one of the fine old gentleman of our sport would be an understatement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 358 Win View Post
    plattincreek, Is Ken Waters still alive? I have not read of his passing in any of my Handloader and Rifle magazines. I knew he was in a retirement home in New England somewhere.

    358 Win

    Last I heard he was doing fine. He's 95 now I heard.
    If my wife asks....all guns cost five bucks and ammo is free !!!

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    I have a profound respect for Ken Waters and treasure his writings. In researching this evening, I found this obituary reprinted from RIFLE magazine. Don't know how I missed this:

    Kenneth L. Waters of New Canaan, CT died January 8, 2017
    at his home following a brief illness. Born July 22, 1917 in Pound Ridge, NY, the son of Hobart and Eleanor Waters, he moved that same year to New Canaan and attended school here, graduating from New Canaan High in 1935, following which he attended Short’s Business School in Stamford. In 1939 he was appointed as a member of the New Canaan Board of Assessors.

    With the approach of World War II in 1940, Ken sought appointment as a sub-lieutenant in the Royal Navy for service aboard the fifty old destroyers being transferred from the U.S. Navy to the British under Lend-Lease. While awaiting official acceptance from the British consulate, he was inducted in the U.S. Army on March 21, 1941.

    Married to Lois Ventres of New Canaan on December 16, 1941, while on Leave, he served successively in the 102nd and 91st Infantry Regiments before being assigned to ships of the Army Mineplanter Service in May, 1942 because of his Coast Guard ships Operator’s License.

    Following eighteen months service assisting in the planting of submarine mines across the entrance of Chesapeake Bay, and having earned a Third Mate’s license, he was appointed a Warrant Officer, Second Mate of the USAMP “Frank” on November 3, 1943, then engaged in planting mines across the entrance of Delaware Bay, aboard which he served with a Second Mate’s license until honorably discharged on March 27, 1945. Volunteering in the Coast Guard Reserve in April, 1945, he was a deck officer aboard Merchant Marine ships until completion of the war with Japan.

    From 1946-50, Ken underwent architectural training with Donald G. Tarpley, A.I.A. in Darien, after which he became a Construction Examiner with the Federal Housing Administration from 1950-57.

    Ken was a Member, West School Building Committee 1957-1962; Assistant Building Inspector, Town of New Canaan, January 1958; Vice-Chairman, East School Building Committee 1962-1965; Certified as Building Official by the State 1973; Appointed Chief Building Official, Town of New Canaan 1979, Retired 1983; New Canaan representative, Southwestern Regional Planning Board 1987-1988; New Canaan Building Board of Appeals 1984; Chairman 1997-2000. New Canaan Auxiliary Police 1946-1981; Captain 1968, Retired 1981. During a writing career of fifty years, Ken wrote four books and hundreds of magazine articles. His sports were sailing, rifle shooting, shotgunning and hunting. Presented a library of World warship photos (1870-2000) as compiled by him to the U.S. Naval War College, Newport, RI.

    Pre-deceased by his devoted and deeply missed wife Lois after 64 years of marriage in 2006; also by his parents, sister Dorothy Waters Smith and brother Harry H. Waters, all of New Canaan.

    Ken is survived by his daughter Suzanne E. Waters, Senior Psychotherapist in Manhattan, also by brother-in-law George Ventres of Ridgefield,nephew Peter Ventres, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF (wife Michelle) of Navarre, Florida; nephews Tad Ventres of Ridgefield; Dale Ventres (wife Elena) of Wise River, Montana; also nephews Cody and Gerrit Ventres of Wise River , Montana; Nieces Jennifer and Tara Ventres of Venice East, Florida; as well as several grand-nephews and nieces. Services will be held at the Hoyt Funeral Home in New Canaan on Friday, January 13 at 1:00 PM. Family will receive friends 1 hour prior to service, followed by Military Services and burial at the Waters Plot, at Lakeview Cemetery in New Canaan. Memorial donations to either the New Canaan Historical Society or the New Canaan Volunteer Ambulance Service are suggested.
    WDRA, Billy Dixon Em
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    Thanks for sharing that sad info. Was just reading my Holy Grail: Pet Loads, Complete Volume today. A masterful, indispensable reference I refer to often. Highly recommended for anyone interested in vintage calibers.
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    I always look at Ken Waters 'Pet Loads' book before starting any load development. Some of the information is out of date (eg: some powders quoted are no longer in production), but there is still a lot of useful information in the articles.
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