Well I worked on getting the LEE 310 gr. mold to shoot at 100 yards and for my efforts the best I could get was 5 inch groups at 100 yards. This mold came with some issues. The sprue cutter is way too tight and I was unable to loosen it because the phillips screw holding it in place is seized solid. Going to send it back to LEE. I have a old Lyman mold that casts the 429421, a flat based Kieth bullet that I have used in many guns both rifle and pistol. Took a bit to get it casting as it had been greased prior to storage some 5 years ago but when it got going it threw 2 good bullets at a time for me til I had all I wanted. I cast these out of WW and some lead test material which made for a harder bullet. My first load of 16.0 grains of Blue Dot and a CCI 200 primer put three shots inside of 2 inches at 100 yards and hit 2 inches lower than my 300 gr. Nosler JHP loads using 21.0 grains of Blue Dot. Velocity for the Keith bullet is mid 1400 fps and if anything shows Saturday morning it will be tested. The 300 gr. JHP is going around 1700 fps and is a fine shooter, I may also test it over the weekend on something. At this property 75 yards is as far as it is possible to shoot so I saw no need to go for high velocities and my Grandson may use the cast load if he wants to use the 444.