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Thread: New (G)RemLin 336BL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angus1895 View Post
    I have a remlin 45-70 with a scope it shoots very accurate. I have a stainless 30/30 remlin I have not shot much yet. My question how stigmatized are the end of the line real Marlins? I have the impression the 2005-2007 Marlins are less desirable?

    please correct me if I am in error.
    You are very much in error. The trouble starts in 2010, when Marlin North Haven was shut down for good and operations were moved to Ilion, New York. If you want to research the story go to the RANT thread. It's all in there, some written by Connecticut Marlin employees.
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    And yet their guns are still being bought. The only message there is for Remington to get is, "the masses are happy enough with their junk. No need to change anything."


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    Quote Originally Posted by Redthies View Post
    So I sold a couple of semi-autos recently as our current government here in Canada is looking at banning a bunch of things. My M1 Carbine was 99% likely to be going to a “prohibited” status, and even 10-22s are shrouded in uncertainty.

    I replaced the M1 with a brand new 336BL. It’s primary roll will be short to moderate range deer hunting. I have yet to shoot it, but I stripped it down to nothing, and polished up all the moving parts, and lightened up the lever safety spring and the trigger spring and cleaned all the manufacturing debris out of it. I’m (using the “butt dyno”) at around 3 lbs on the trigger. Things are much smoother now.

    My only complaint is that the rear dovetail is nowhere near straight. How the hell does this STILL happen? I swapped in the factory rear off my 1895GS and confirmed it is in fact the dovetail that’s crooked. I have a rail mounted, and 1-4x20 Nikon scope on the way, so it’s not a huge deal, but it is definitely a bit annoying.

    Pics of it in the work tray, and disassembled.
    I almost bought a Remlin 1894C in 44 magnum a couple of months ago at the gun show and then found a JM 44 that looked brand new, for less, so I went that route. I'm glad I did after this post. I thought they had this kind of stuff worked out by now, but I guess not.
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