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Thread: Re-thinking cross bolt safety

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    Quote Originally Posted by GunsAndHarley View Post
    My wife cant go from full cock to half cock to save her life. most of the time she wont let go the triger as soon as the hammer start to move foward and the hammer slip from her thumb. it take practice to get it right.
    Have her try this instead...... I find it much safer than trying to support the hammer while pulling the trigger as i found i was having the hammer slip two or three times out of a hundred which is way to many.simply have her put her thumb over the slot where the hammer falls into to hit the firing pin. push hard with your thumb and simply allow the back of the thumb to catch the hammer... no trying to resist a spring no slipping and always 100% as long as you let go of the trigger before you remove your thumb.jim
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    There's no such thing as a foolproof mechanical safety on any weapon. Yes, the cross bolt or transfer bars come pretty close The only safety that really counts is the one between your ears. Knowing your manual of arms for everything in your gun safe and then some, being absolutely vigilant whenever you handle any firearm for any reason and following the rules established over many years will probably eliminate 99.99 percent of any negligent discharges. It's the best we can do. We're imperfect human beings and stuff happens. In my 60 years of shooting I have had only one negligent discharge and that was testing a semi-auto pistol I had just repaired and was pointed in a safe direction. No harm done except to my pride, thank God. As far as modifying / eliminating a factory safety, I can't recommend it. But if you have to just remember whatever happens thereafter is on you and ONLY you. Sell a modified gun to another person and something happens, in this litiginous age you will be held accountable. Just sayin'
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    I’m kinda late to the party and if this has been said I’m sorry for repeating. I took the butt a stock off of mine and there’s a small set screw that you can tighten that will hold the safety in the off position. Quick easy and cheap, if you want to go back just loosen the screw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by electricmo View Post
    I'm lost on why the Crossbolt safety is such a issue. Shotguns have safeties. I use those all the time without issues. Bolt action rifles have safeties. Why is the lever gun Crossbolt such a problem? The 1/2 cock notch isn't the way to be carrying when out walking around the woods unless the Crossbolt is engaged. I think I would rather have the hammer fully cocked and Crossbolt engaged when sitting in the deer woods waiting. All rifles and shotguns without hammers are always cocked, relying only on the safety to keep the hammer from hitting a primer when a round is chambered. You lever gun is no different.
    I think part of it is training. I fired my first 30-30 winchester at age 5, 55 years ago. After shooting a marlin or winchester with no crossbolt for 21 years before they appeared and then until today with out using one. I see them as redundant and ugly.
    Actually, shotguns with hammers very often do not. My H+R single and many of my double barrels do not. Again, if I had a hammer shotgun with a safety, it would get gorilla glued in the off position or deleted.
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