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Thread: Re-thinking cross bolt safety

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terryt View Post
    I recently took 3 of my grandchildren to Hunter safety. The instructor had several firearms on display including 2 Winchester Model 94's - NO CROSS-BOLT SAFETY. Watch the look on their faces when you ask them to set the safety on a Win. Model 94'. Take a picture of your face when you ask each of them to return a cocked hammer back to an uncocked position and on average 4 out of 10 times the hammer gets away on them and impacts the firing pin- an accidental discharge had the rifle been loaded. Marlin decided to put cross bolt safety's on for good reasons, some of which are related to me.
    Also, I have been told that there have been several successful law suits against Winchester where the rifle accidentally drops on its stock butt and the rifle discharges with the hammer in the so-called half-cocked position. Marlin's cross bolt safety decision I think makes the Marlin a much better all around safer rifle than the Win. Model 94. There is one model of the Winchester Model 94 ( I think its the Ranger Model) where Winchester uses the cross bolt safety. For those of you who remove or alter Marlin's cross bolt safety and you later sell the gun in that condition, please, for the sake of the buyer and others, be sure to make your premium payments on your liability Insurance. (or better yet, please restore the rifle to its original condition.)
    My wife cant go from full cock to half cock to save her life. most of the time she wont let go the triger as soon as the hammer start to move foward and the hammer slip from her thumb. it take practice to get it right.
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    You know what - I don't like the Marlin CB safety, I just don't. Aesthetically it's ugly as snot, I don't really care about "how safe" it makes things, because I am cognizant of what I am hunting with, MY firearm safety is all it can be, to date, zero unexpected explosions. But, as I said, I just don't like the looks of it, and let's face it, you can't put a put button safety anywhere else on a lever action that would be any less conspicuous and ugly. BUT (lots of buts) why do you need to see it? Really? You need to look at it to see that it is engaged or not? Forget "I hunt with thick gloves and can't spare a thin finger cover" excuse, maybe you need some other firearm/tool from your shed if clothing is such a factor. Everyone being different, I never had to wear anything other than buckskin gloves in central PA, but, I also don't hunt in sub 0 F all day - I like to enjoy the experience. Yes, I have had one Marlin with a CB safety - it was a 45/70 - loved the rifle and cartridge, but eventually sold it. Don't miss that safety, but never had an issue with it. Never had to look at it to see if it was engaged or not either.

    I don't currently, and have only once owned a Marlin with a CBS. I won't if I can help it. I do have shotguns with button safeties, I have black guns with safeties, I have pistols with and without "other than decock only" safeties. I have no issues with them, where they are necessary, they are used, not disabled - I am not perfect when I say "know your tool inside and out" I am conscious every time I handle a weapon that today could be the day I screw the pooch.

    And deleting the safety? Oh, but make sure you put it back if you sell it for legal reasons. I would never dream of telling anyone what to do about modding their rifle, if I don't feel safe around such an item, I would simply remove myself - and I don't consider a CBS removal in favor of a saddle ring to be such a big deal, I wouldn't do it, but I don't like saddle rigs either (I know, I am a whack job). All I want to point out in this particular paragraph is; can you possibly imagine the legal fallout if a rife with the factory safety removed or disabled was one of a few causes of a tragic accident? Because of serial numbers and other things, "I didn't know" will never fly in court.

    I am a huge believer and proponent of "a person is allowed to do as they wish with/to what they own as long as it does no purposeful harm to others". Mod tools/weapons/firearms as you like - I do. I am so glad I do not need want or have a post 198X when CBS became the norm.

    I certainly hope I never come across a 198X Marlin lever I just need to have - I will have a dilemma! ;-)
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    I predict that since the Marlin 1894/1895 model lever action rifles crossbolt safety button looks too much like an AR 15 magazine release button, that It won't be long before a demented gun hating anti gun democrat notices this, cries "SEE! it's Bullet Button!" and then tries to classify *all* lever action rifles as "assault weapons" that hold more than 10 rds and ban them.

    We need to remove them all, to thwart the dems gun ban on levers rifles.

    Don't laugh. They've already included levers in gun bans before, including some bills in the last few years
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    I have a 1973 Win94 and my son-in-law is using it for deer hunting. The first year he hunted I gave him the rifle 3 months before the season started and asked him to practice full to half cock while sitting watching TV in the evenings. The more you get used to the "process" the safer you will be. For a few days last fall he also hunted with my Marlin 35 Rem since he had a bear tag. Its a 1981 pre CB safety model and he felt comfortable with it after practicing with the Win94.

    I'm not saying the pre-CB rifles are better or worse. It's what you get used to and practice with. I certainly wouldn't want to give those rifles to a youngster for the first time without some education and unloaded practice.

    The only stupid the unasked one.
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    My Marlins are older so they never had a safety. I have no problem not having a safety. Never point my rifle at anything but the ground or the sky unless I am about to shoot something. I can chamber a round and then lower the hammer all the way down if I want to and then when I am ready to shoot I pull the hammer all the way back and fire. If I am target shooting I don't chamber a bullet until I am ready to shoot. Is someone can not control the hammer to put it on and off half cock or full cock they are not ready to be using the rifle even if it has a cross bolt safety in my opinion. When I unload my rifles I point them straight at the ground.
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    Or you could make yourself get into the habit of checking the safety......

    Just saying. .

    Quote Originally Posted by Lever Jac View Post
    I was at the range yesterday hunting round orange birds to use up some old ammo that my 30-30 doesn't shoot as well as some when I pulled the trigger and all I heard was a click. Waited the mandatory 30 seconds opened my action and the primer didn't have a mark on it. Re-chambered the round and tried it twice more, same thing. I thought I had a broken firing pin but after further inspection I noticed that somehow the safety had been engaged.

    In the last 5 years that I have owned this rifle the safety has been engaged twice, once when I first bought it to see if it worked and once yesterday. Besides the fact that the safety is ugly it has never bothered me. But after yesterday I am going to either remove it and replace it with a safety delete or tighten it down so much that it can't be accidentally engaged. Would not have been so bad but all three shots were called hits.

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    I have a lot of hammer guns. I've carried them with a round chambered my whole life with no incident. Use to be kids first guns were hammer guns because they were easy to operate and could be visually checked easily. The cross bolt safeties are for protection against law suits. Some goof will always manage to have an accident, they always have. They are a small number and use to suffer from their own carelessness. Now when goof shots himself he can sue gun company and become a millionaire.
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    I really like the extra measure of safety the crossbolt affords.
    When I get to my stand, I slide it to the off position (red-ready).
    When getting down, especially after a shot, I put safety back on then lower the hammer
    to half cock. Of course, muzzle ALWAYS pointed in safe direction.
    I have been hunting for many years and still get the "fever." The adrenaline is also flowing.
    I guess I will never get over all that heart pounding and shaking.
    At 71, if the pounding and shaking stops, I will probably be dead LOL!
    My boys will find me in my favorite stand and remark, "Dad was doing what he loved but he
    still had that cottonpickin' cb on."
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    In my upland game hunting days I would probably check the safety on my shotgun hundreds times during a days hunt. Checking a safety is 2nd nature to me. I’m uncomfortable unloading a 336 jacking live rounds ahead of a clocked hammer. I tried the O ring but was spooked lifting my backpack and rifle with a rope 20 feet to my stand. I pitched the O ring.
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    I like the safety for loading and unloading my rifle.Other than that I use the half cock.I only load my rifle after I have pulled it up into my stand and I always unload before lowering it to the ground.I always unload the chamber when crossing a fence or wading a stream and reload on the other side.I had an accidental discharge with a shotgun once while crossing a fence when I was young and I could never figure out how it happened.Lucky no one was hurt but it sure learned me a lesson.You can never be too carefull.
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