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    I'm no pro but, I have been a forester and wood buyer for a long time. I have worked a lot of wood in my day as well and spent many a hour in a sawmill. I know wood. I think the guys warning you of possible strength/integrity issues associated with a burled piece of wood has merit. While the grain isn't straight, it isn't all knotted up either on that piece of wood. By all means there are more qualified people here than me so ask the ones that have been referenced. But, you aren't building a bolt gun stock, and it isn't going t be a belting magnum. What you got will work in my opinion and do it well. The most important thing is to make sure it is dry enough, so it may be better to get one of the mentioned personnel to rough it in for you as I will guarantee you they have a moisture meter on hand. The actual work really isn't hard but the inlaying is. And it will require a precision which requires the right tools and their experience will get the best that wood can offer.

    It may take a bit more $ but, in the end your time is money too. And if the wood isn't ready or you mess up the inlaying, it will be for naught. I would suggest you do the finish work. It will be quite the conversation piece in beauty alone and you will learn a lot. Most of all you will have the satisfaction in knowing you had work in it to. And when everybody that looks at it is in awe, and they will be, you can gladly say so. Good luck and God Bless

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    Beautiful piece of wood there Carl. I've got a bunch of those trees on my property. Makes me want to cut one down, lol.
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    Amazing piece of wood love to see it on a rifle there is places that will duplicate one they have a duplicater send the original and wood they send you two stocks back. Widow
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    that isn't fake grain on your stock that's laminate

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