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Thread: 30-30 deer rifle?

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    ive been shooting the 325 gr hornadys,and I dont nessicarily need a smaller caliber, most of my big game hunting gets done in Archery season,which is sept1-0ct29th here, which consists of moose,elk,whitetail and mule,trophy sheep on draw, and in rifle season all oher big game excluding deer is on draw. I would just like another gun,you all know how it goes, that will take down deer on those long weeks i havent gotten a bow kill, then i head north where rifle season opens early in northern alberta. my guide gun is short and limited range due to the 18 inch barrel. and i dont want to scope it because of its short carbine look.

    and preferably a marlin levergun, theres only 2 other calibers i can find here,the 30/30 or .308, theres only 1 cabelas here in alberta.not alot of stock like american stores.
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    I hunt northern Wisconsin big woods country where 100 yards is considered a "long" shot and my average whitetail shot range over some 45 years is probably closer to 50 yards. I have a Marlin 30-30, 30-06 and 7M-08. I have used them all. The Marlin is my choice for tree stand locations...short and handy to move around compared to the bolt guns. My largest buck has been 214# dressed and he ran approximately 30 yards after the shot....no farther than similar sized deer shot with the faster calibers. The 30-30 is very adequate when used within its reasonable range.

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    A little bit of info. 30-30 vs 308 Win:
    The 30-30 utilizes flat point or round nosed bullets / 308 Win can use flat, round, or pointed (spitzer) bullets, but mostly pointed bullets
    The 30-30 is know in Europe as the 7.62X51R (that's R for Rimmed), the 7.62X51 NATO is known here as the 308 Win (slight chamber difference between the NATO and 308 Win)
    The 30-30 has a long and monotonous record of sucessfully putting meat in the freezer or on the table. The 308 Win not so long but works fine.
    As with either bullet design and shot placement make a great difference, knowing the limits of the man and the machine evens it out some.

    Not so unbiased opinion:
    I'd rather be John Wayne then wear a blue NATO helmet.
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    Welcome to MO from Michigan's beautiful UP.

    I shot my first buck with a 30-06. He was dead before he hit the ground.

    The last two bucks fell to a 336 in 35 Remington. One fell where I shot him and died right there, the other ran for about 30 yards.

    I have carried a 30-30 in deer season but the deer didn't cooperate those years.

    I agree that the 30-30 has taken more deer than any other caliber. The 30-06 may be close behind.

    The 30-30 is a dream to carry, shoots cheep ammo and kills 'em dead. Get one and you will like it.
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    I think I have experience on this that might be of interest to you... I own more than a few Marlins (including 5 .30-30s), but had, for some reason, never killed a whitetail with one. This year I popped a nice 8-pointer in south Texas with my favorite .30-30 Marlin (2.5X Weaver scope on top), that was loaded with 140 grain Hornady Monoflex LE factory ammo. One very dead deer; not much meat damage, but heart and lungs destroyed. Shot was just over 100 yards. Very impressive performance from a 117 year-old cartridge.

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    I've used my 336XLR .30-30 for six years now to hunt whitetails. I've taken probably 15 deer during that time using mostly Hornady's LE 160 grain ammo. Shots ranged from 20 to 170 yds. All either fell DRT or only traveled a few yards. I haven't found a combination I like better.

    Buy the 336 .30-30... you'll never be sorry you did.

    Item of note: If you buy a new one made by Remington, look it over very closely.
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    Hi chevy, new here too, but not new to deer hunting. I use a 2" high sight-in at 100 yds with 170 gr factory loads. I feel that gives me the most out of my scoped 336 in 30-30. I have a Browning BLR in .308 that I have killed a ton of deer with, but the Marlin is just plain FUN. Get the 30-30, you will gain a few yards in range over the 45/70, and your shoulder will appreciate it.
    Good hunting,
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    30-30 out to 200m with LE. No deer has complained. All one shot kills with proper placement. Good choice and very good calibre.
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    30-30 deer rifle?

    The best way to avoid meat damage is to not shoot them in the meat. If you do, any caliber listed here will cause meat damage.

    The short guide gun barrel doesn't limit your practical range any more than a 26" CB barrel. The difference in sight radius might limit your accuracy if using iron sights on your 45-70.

    The 325LE shines in longer yardage situations but expands dramatically at under 100yds. If you are hunting at 100yds or less use a nice slow (1350fps) soft point like the Rem 405SP or a handloaded hard cast for less expansion.

    Lastly, if you really want to stir up the folks at deer camp who get their manliness from high velocity calibers skip the 30-30 and get an 1894 in .357 mag. My wife did and bagged her first 3 deer with it. We had to modify the camp rifle rack to hold that short little rifle. When she switched to a guide gun their humiliation continued.

    We haven't been hunting long but every deer that has hit our freezer dropped with a Marlin levergun so I can't swear anything else will do the job.

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    30-30 is the quintessential deer rifle, look no further. As long as you don't shoot many deer further than 200 yards.
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