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Thread: 32 Special Conundrum Turned 38/55 rebuild and restore

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    Nice report, Travis! I have the 35/30 JES rebore on a Marlin 336SC. Incredible rifle. Your work has proven itself. 'nuff said, Good job and well thought out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Travis 186 View Post
    Range report is in. Things didn't go exactly as expected. I coulda swore when I put this thing back together that I had gotten the rear barrel band screw back in without issue, but apparently I was wrong. Towards the end of load development, the barrel band screw worked its way out and bent under recoil. Groups went from tiny, to eh... minute of deer I guess. Upon further inspection it appears the rear barrel band never had any threads left in it to begin with. I have already ordered a pre-64 band and screw off of ebay. Now for the good news, man is this rifle ACCURATE!!! I consulted data from my Lyman manual and extrapolated data from accurate. I ended up with a load with an average velocity in the 1533 range, S.D.'s sub 10FPS. I did take this rifle up to 1600fps, and if not for the barrel band issue, accuracy would be the same from bottom to top as you will see pictured. I settled on a load in the 1500fps range though. The accuracy is where I need it without the recoil or the added cost. I don't feel a white tail will know the difference if double lunged. The marbles tang sight is fantastic, and is exactly what I needed to tighten up my groups. After deer season I will most likely find a thinner front sight to replace the old front bead.

    Target 2 is the load I settled on. The bottom center target is when I realized the barrel band screw had worked itself loose. Target 4 is when I made an attempt to tighten the screw and get it back into place. The shot that flew was when the screw backed itself out again and I then made the discovery that the band needed replacement. Average velocity of Target 4 was in the 1580 range.
    image1 (4).jpeg
    This is a great thread!

    Travis' post illustrates the fact that a shooter has to have the mentality of a detective and pay attention to every detail.... Such a "minor" detail as a loose screw can allow/make a rifle that is or has the potential to be a tack drive into a Bleah also ran lead slinger... About one half of the older half tube lever guns I have bought have stripped, cross threaded or buggered up threads in the barrel band assembly. You tighten up the barrel band and put mechanically assisted pressure on the side of the barrel - accuracy suffers and it might look at a bunch of wrong things about the bullets or powder of bore condition etc. when the real problem can be fixed with a .08 cent screw. ($7.99 from Brownells)
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    I like it. I love it. Can't get enough of it.

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    I know the feeling i have built a few ML's and killed deer with them,more with a ML than a CF. Great job and i know you will have many more great experience's with that rifle.
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    Thanks guys. I'm still on cloud 9. First deer at all in 11 years, first buck in 13.
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    Awesome job on the rifle, and congrats on a great hunt! Thanks for sharing
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bull moose View Post

    Says No Longer In Production .
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