Curious How much it’s worth
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Thread: Curious How much it’s worth

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    Curious How much it’s worth

    I have a brand new NEVER FIRED 2007 JM 308MX with exceptional wood and I’m wondering what it’s worth. It’s just been sitting untouched except for wipe down and when I put a new Leopoldo 2x-7x on it mounted low as possible in Warne hardware.
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    Clavin, the market is still fairly soft. These 308MX's come up now and then on MO and seem to sell in the $800 range. A NIB may demand more to the right buyer.

    Currently, there is one on GB with a starting bid of $1250 with 0 bids and an ending date of 12/2. The 2009 rifle has 200 rounds through it, metal in excellent and furniture has a couple light dings, overall appears in excellent shape. Seller is rated an A+ shop in OK and I believe they're dreaming at that starting bid.

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