I cant believe some prices.
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Thread: I cant believe some prices.

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    I cant believe some prices.

    1894 SS 44 magnum for $2000. I had two and gave one to my son.
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    It's all a matter of finding the right person.
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    JM Marlins are made of “Unobtainium” thus people go crazy. Last week, a 336CB 38-55 went for $1,526. Sad thing is, many of these models just sat on gun store racks when they were in production, thus obtainable.
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    Supply and demand. They are not making them anymore. Glad I bought a couple when they were affordable.

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    JM Marlins are going to be like beef steaks when the green new deal goes into effect...exuberantly high prices.
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    It's a winding up to the next POTUS election cycle. Dems threatening to take over has everyone in a panic for the "stuff" that will be deemed legal. Since the new stuff is predominately far lower quality in general the supply and demand as mentioned previuosly comes into play more and more. The internet has really changed the game dramatically as well. When you have an audience of many 100's to literal thousands the playing field has grown exponentially. Buy them at the local LGS's while you can as many of them will eventually come to fade away. The LGS's that will survive outside of regional strongholds will become nothing more than internet brokerage houses selling their ware online. Capitalism through and through.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingstrider View Post
    Supply and demand. They are not making them anymore. Glad I bought a couple when they were affordable.
    Exactly that, supply and demand..I bought one about a year ago, 1894cs .357. 30 year old rifle. I have to admit I may have paid a little much at $800. But considering that isxnotcmuch more than a Remington version, thought was good. Even had WWG lever loop and trigger kit. It will be passed down to my son and daughter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Duke View Post
    1894 SS 44 magnum for $2000. I had two and gave one to my son.

    I know it may be a little sacrilegious, have you looked at the Henry models? I had not handled one until late last year. A fellow lever silhouette shooter had one at the range, great rifle. You could easily get 2 for 1 of the case color steel, classic, or SS models for the going price of a JM 1984 SS these days. Their full octagon 20" barrel balanced as well as my 24" 336CB. Your other option is a Win 1892 short rifle.

    I was very impressed with the Classic 327 fed mag. No recoil and very quick to the targets at 100 meters!

    Hay, I feed my 39A through the tube. It's not much of a step to feed a center fire pistol cartridge lever through a tube.
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    I bought a Sav 99 this past year and I paid to much for it. I can't think of another time I did this. It is strickly supply and demand. I usually buy when there is a good deal avaible. There are guns I want and a lot more I have no interest in but that doesn't mean I won't buy it. If I see something I can make out on as trading stock I will buy in a heart beat. I try to go by 2 rules. If there is no demand for a gun it has to be a give away before I buy. Never get into a gun so deep you can't get out even. Marlins & Savage 99s were hard to sell until they were discontinued. When I had a shop in 70s-91 if I sold one of these off the used rack it called for a celebration. The only Lever guns in demand were pre 64 Wins. I use to keep them a month and then run them through an action. If you want to dance you got to pay the fiddler.
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    Prices are all over the map with firearms markets. The last gun show I went to had good examples and bad examples. One booth had a pair of H&R M-1 Garands priced at $795 apiece. A very fair deal. Then just a little ways away was a No1 MkIII Enfield that looked like it served in every war from 1907 to Korea. Beat up, completely oil soaked stock, loose wood, and worn metal. Asking $395. Those were $15 when I was a kid. Walking further was a No5 MkI Jungle Carbine, real(I checked the numbers) at $450, another fair price. An 1894 Winchester in .44 Mag was tagged at $450., and it came with both open and factory peep sights. Another fair price. The final straw as we were leaving? A table full of Nylon 66's. All 3 colors, green, black,and brown. Each and every rifle tagged at $700. Insane.

    Firearms prices? What you're willing to pay.

    Edit add on--- I forgot this one Two years ago I was at the local gun show, and a gentleman had a table full of old leverguns. There was a nice 1894 Marlin made in 1894-1898 in .38-40. Looked good, honestly worn but not refinished, tagged at $650, no Federal paperwork because it was pre-1900. Not beat up, a well cared for 1894. For someone wanting a .38-40 this was very fair pricing. Even if it needed a barrel sleeve, it was a good deal.
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