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Thread: 1894 Cowboy II in 44 mag, leading issues and accuracy problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barrgeo View Post
    Myflatline, that's an impressive group. And I think you are right, my next step will be to not water quench my bullets, which usually gives me about 12 bhn. I contacted Veral Smith of LBT moulds again, and he thinks it may be that I did not fire lap enough yet. He recommended another 30 or so fire lap rounds with the finer grit lapping compound.

    Djei5, The gas checks seem ok, I'm sizing my bullets to .433, and the checks are coming out that diameter after sizing. They are Gator gas checks. I haven't tried the powder coat method yet, but will try it in the future. What type of powder coat are you using?

    I've done A LOT of research before ordering my moulds and have actually heard the opposite, even though I do agree 1:38 is way too slow. A lot of people have reported good accuracy with bullets up to 300 grains with the marlin, provoiding you push it very hard. Especially in this article, Marlin 1894, which is the main reason I wanted to go heavier. I do have lighter bullets as well, 205 gr Lee RNFP, and a 255gr WFN plus have tried 3 heavy weight designs at 284gr RNFP PB, 280gr LFN PB, and now the LFN 280gr. The accuracy is the same for all of the bullets basically. The best group I've shot so far was with the 280 gr LFN PB at 50 yards 4 shots into a large clover, about 3/4" and one flyer. The 205gr being the worst accuracy so far. Also, hornady XTP bullets at 240gr with 22 grains of 2400 shoot less accurately than the 280 grn gas check design. So accuracy is decent, and Veral has 36 years of experience and strongly recommended the 280gr LFNGC for the Marlin I have as it is the one his customers have reported the best accuracy with. Right now, it's the leading that is discouraging me.

    Thanks again for the replys guys, I think I'll start doing some research on powder coating.


    Hi-Tek coating...its easier and not as messy. According to that article.."When powered with 21.5 grains of W296, these bullets leave the little Marlin at 1708 fps and deliver decent accuracy."
    That word "decent " is subjective,
    especially when the author seems to have only shot at 50 yards. I have seen 1 inch groups at 50 yards (decent) open to 4-6 inch groups at 100. I don't consider that decent. He also fails to post those groups publicly. If you are pushing at the speeds he suggests, you are going to get leading...your gas cutting your projectile. Every bullet has its limitations as well as microgroove barrels.. Stay reasonable and you will be happy.
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