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Thread: Veterans Forum: Are there any members of Oath Keepers here?

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    "The Constitution", that is the constant in the oath. President's and officer's appointed will change due to elections, or changes of command, but defense the Constitution is the first commitment stated. First and foremost. No where in that oath does it command or expect military to deny the Constitutional rights of the public. I made the vow when in, that I would never use "force of ammunition" on my home soil against my fellow countrymen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by etexoldguy View Post
    Count me in. I took that oath over forty years ago and I don't remember there being a time limit on it.
    Don't remember mine having one either, so I still try to live up to it still today.
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    I make no bones about my stance for this country, freedom, and the right of "We the people" over "they the government". I am fully aware that my outsopken views on illegal immigration, religion, and status as a veteran, have placed me on several government list (DHS, etc, etc). I know the government is fully aware of my military background and my capabilites. I am also quite asured that government or other antigun operatives troll this and other gun forums for information and general "feelings" of "We the people" and to use our words and views against us at some point.

    To that end I make no apology for my words, views, opinions, and love of country. I will however guard myself against revealing information or data that makes their job easier to control, intimidate, maninpulate or disable my freedom, rights or property.

    The king is dead, long live the Republic!
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