Hello guys,

Just picked up my first Marlin Model 21 and it has been adventure to say the least in taking it apart. There are some things though that i have questions on that are not covered in the guide.

The biggest question that i have is when disassembling for the first time i noticed that there is no recoil hook; the part is just not there. At first i thought that this was part of the design and was even told as much in another forum. I just spent some time tonight studying the operation of the recoil block and realized that without the safety hook the device is entirely pointless. The manual release plunger would also be pointless without these two devices as the bolt would be able to unlock and slide out of battery while loaded. This is a potentially large safety failure and that is where you guys come in.

I am wondering if anyone here has the following part and might be able to get me pictures for fabricating a spare or helping me find one to purchase.

I am missing part 57M on the following drawing:

any help in getting drawings, measurements or a source for a spare would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys!