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Thread: Malloy Budget Sets 400% Increase for Connecticut Gun Permit Fees

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    Back in he 70's Ill past a state income tax, only until the roads got fixed, they are not fixed yet & they keep going up.
    What this country needs is a department of common sense!

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    Malloy Budget Sets 400% Increase for Connecticut Gun Permit Fees

    Quote Originally Posted by Blaine View Post
    As horrible as the reality of it is, that tipping point might be coming.
    If it happens, we would be very vulnerable to our enemies, globally.
    They wouldn't dare mess with us while we're all 'going Texas' on these liberals' a55es...
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    Is that for a carry permit or a permit just to buy a gun? I heard CC permits are very hard to get in MD.
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    Sorry to hear, I have friends in England, Australia, South Africa, and chile and the crap they deal with is a mirror to our future if we don't stop this insanity. Joel Lee
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    Sounds like time for mass 'civil disobedience' !

    Plus hold a 'missing gun' day - every gun owner should call and report their firearms 'missing' on the same day ["May day" or "Cinco de Mayo" would be a good choice - 4th of July, also a winner]- don't report them 'stolen' that would be false reporting - just call and state that the guns are not where you usually keep/store them [and that could be a VERY TRUE statement if you move them 16 inches - or to another room or part of the property outside the home] - overwhelm their system and resources while at the same time having a 'day without gun owners' where no one goes to work or shopping - or pays any tolls on the roads ["I gotta find my guns"]. Or maybe everyone get n the roads [Interstates].... and does 45 mph on their way to Mass. or NYC - to save gas and the environment in the name of supporting "Global Climate Change" efforts..... again overwhelm their system and resources in a very civil manner.

    Have all gun owners call and report a "suspicious" person or vehicle, meanwhile giving the location and description of a Law enforcement officer or patrol car - and then say 'oops. my bad - I thought they were looking for law abiding gun owners to harass or rob". [Poor LEOs ALWAYS seem to take the brunt of politicians self-righteous enactments]. Maybe call and report a criminal act in progress and give the location of the State House -

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