Is this the correct screw for the marlin 60?
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    Is this the correct screw for the marlin 60?

    The screw in my marlin 60, the one closest to the butt of the stock on the back of the trigger guard came loose and I lost it. Does anyone know if this is the correct replacement?

    Marlin Takedown Screw Rear Marlin 60 60BL 60C 60CDU 60CP 60DL 60DLX 60

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    Does look like it, Numrich shows 2 different ones, one for the old model and one fro the New model.

    I have no idea the different between the Old and the New. Anyone can tell us?

    Old - Takedown Screw, Rear

    New- Takedown Screw, Rear


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    I'll have a look tonight when I get home and compare them.
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    With Numrich, if the stock number (in this case, 442040) is the same, the screw is the same. The letter following the stock number (in this case, B vs. D) is just their way of keeping track of which firearm the customer has. In other words, they like to know if there are many more, say, old models than new models out there (or vice-versa); it helps them with their anticipated stocking inventory for the parts which are indeed different.
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