17 HMR accuracy issues with new rifle
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    17 HMR accuracy issues with new rifle

    I bought a new 17 HMR blued bull barrel XT-17 and put the action in a Marlin laminate stock (I could only find a birch stocked rifle). I topped it off w/ a Leup 4x12 and Dednutz mount. I shot Hornady Vmax, Federal, and Winchester today, groups were 2 inches at best from 100 yard sand bag rest. Unacceptable!!

    I have another rifle like this bought 7 years ago (917, Basix trigger) with a Leup 3x9 that has 5000 rounds through it after 5 PD hunts in WY and SD. That rifle shoots like a laser with any 17 HMR cartridge I feed it. 300 yard hit on a PD is my best.

    The rifle was cleaned before shooting, and after 20 shots. Has anyone had this issue with XT-17? I own many rifles and understand the barrels need break in, but this wasn't the case with my first 917.


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    The only thing I can think of, with a heavy-barreled bolt action would be:

    1. Loose scope mount somewhere
    2. Ammo
    3. Muzzle crown

    I'd like to think #3 is not likely but with Marlin's moving in with Remington... some sadness has happened.
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    Don't believe it to be an ammo problem. Could be wrong here but I am pretty sure that CCI manufactures all 17hmr ammo. Just different branding. As Jet said check muzzle crown,scope mounting etc. About 5 years ago, I purchased a 917vs heavy barrel. When my shop recieved the first one in from Marlin, the muzzle had broken through the end of the box during shipping and had a pretty good ding in the crown. Definately NG. Sent it back, got another and it is a great shooter. Good luck.

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    Not a clue but I can guarantee you that the guys over at rimfire central would give you more feedback than you can handle about the new Marlin bolties. Good bunch of guys too. Quite a few members over there who are also members over here.

    My (Son's) 917V with the RB trigger is the bomb ... I'll probably never own an XT.

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    I just bought a xt-17v and shot 50 rounds the first time i went out and got it sighted to shoot inside a one inch target at 50 yards just by laying on the ground and resting the gun in my hands. i replaced the scope with a nikon prostaff 3-9x40 bdc and re-sighted it in and on a home made gunstand laying in the snow on a winding day i shot this (3shot )group i am really impressed with its accuracy.DSC01238.jpg
    the shot to the right could have been the wind...

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