Want a walnut stock for your 795?
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    Want a walnut stock for your 795?

    I came over from RFC to try and share this with everyone who might be interested. At least it is the kind of thing I like to be told about. Long story short...I had ordered a 989M2 stock from Numrich because I was going to try and assemble a 989M2 using a 795 for the gun. (My idea was to have a nice looking 989M2 with LSHO.) Well, without going into detail the woodwork for that would be too much for me....but the point is....when I got the "replacement walnut stock, factory made" from Numrich I got a Marlin walnut stock, with butt plate, white spacer, and bullseye. But it was a 995 replacement stock. So, in further investigating I found that Numrich has the same part number for the walnut stock that they sell for the 995 and 989M2. Anyway, point of the story...this 995 stock will accept the 795 gun very easily if you are willing to do a bit of cutting on the wood to accept the bolt hold-open lever and to do some inletting to accept the t/g. I was ecstatic at finding this out because I love walnut stocks. I bought my 795 in 2009 and looked for a wood stock and managed to find a wood laminate from Numrich at that time (they are currently sold out) but much prefer the Marlin Factory walnut. I will try to post a prelininary photo here. One photo shows, with yellow paint, where some actually minor cutting/inletting is needed and the other two show how good a fit the stock barrel channel is already. If you have a Model 70 HC you should not have to do anything except switch from your old inexpensive hardwood to the walnut one.
    BTW...the stock can be found at Numrich for like $46 plus shipping if you are interested and if you order the walnut stock replacement for a 995 or 989M2....same Numrich part number.

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