MARLIN model 100 help?
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    MARLIN model 100 help?

    i have a marlin bolt action single shot .22 that i have through research, come to the possible conclusion that it is a model 100.

    it needs a firing pin, and i think an ejector, but the firing pin maybe seems like it doubles as a ejector.

    also needs a trigger, as the striker will sometimes stay cocked, and sometimes just slam back home right after you let go of the plunger.

    might need the striker body also. IS THIS a model 100 for sure?? will any other parts work, like parts from a 100g, i ask because other than the stock and breech area the guns are identical and parts for the 100g are less than half than the model 100


    so....WaddYa all think about this, what model is it actually? was i correct.

    so the price of the parts for the model 100 are like 65 bux or so, and the 100g assuming it is this model, is like around 25-30 bux.

    i found several single shot bolt actions on the web for sell in the 65-100 dollar range that work, the rifle has sentimental value though, to the owner i am fixing it for. he fixes my watches for free, and is 86 years old, he asked me if i could get it to work, if not he was going to throw it away, actually he was going to throw it away,, i said, whoa, no dont do that, give it here i can fix it. there are some initials carved in the hadguard area, and a full name carved in shoulder rest area. i believe they were his late wifes name and his initials in the gun.

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    what you have is a straight model 100, not a 100G. they were made from the mid 30s to mid 40s. (cant remember the exact dates but it was about 10 years that they made them i believe) the 100 and 100G bolts are completely different and wont interchange.( i have both guns myself ) not sure about the trigger assemblies but i would assume that they wont either. all that being said the 100G and the Marlin glenfield model 10 "crown prince" are the same for all intents and purposes (the G in 100G is for Glenfield the way i understand it). (not that it helps you with a model 100. but still good to know in case you ever come across one.) one good pllace to check for parts is Numerich Gun Parts, they have everything you need as long as you dont need a complete bolt. unfortunately the prices are what they are because it is the only gun with those parts as far as i've seen. you may be able to find an entire gun fairly reasonable with salvagable parts, or in better shape than the one you have. i've seen them go for 50-100$ all over the web. i have an old model 100 that was my great grandfathers, it's a great little gun, very accurate. good luck with your search.

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    You might be able to dress up the sear end of the trigger with a jeweler's file, and clean & lube the pivot points. From the looks of the gun, it's probably just got some rust on it.
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