The bolt wouldnt close all the way and there were other numerous problems with it therefore I wanted my money back so I could put some down on a new Browning Bolt 22mag. I was told that marlin wont do that so now I have to wait atleast 3-6 weeks for them to try and fix it or Im hoping as well as my gun shop is for them to send me a new one. The gun shop said they will definitely take a look and fire the next xt22m that Marlin returns. I didnt know new Marlins that were made need a baby sitter to check up on them before leaving the gun store.ugh. I bought a Marlin 60 a couple of months ago and it works out perfect so Im still a Marlin fan just like I was for the past 30 years. I probaly fired 5000+ rounds with it. Im just real disappointed on how Marlins Customer service people have such bad attitudes and lazy on top.I wonder if this is the aftermath cause by Remmy buying Marlin? idk >:-(