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    Just got my Marlin 795!!

    Hey all, just bought my first rimfire rifle, just had a couple quick questions about it:

    1. Do you guys know if the lock that's included with it is CA DOJ-approved? I keep getting conflicting answers from different people.

    2. What kind of scope rings fit it? I tried the ones I already had, but the rail on the gun is too small.

    3. Have you guys tried out the Shooters Ridge 6-9 bipod? Would it work well w/ the 795?

    thanks a bunch!

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    Re: Just got my Marlin 795!!

    Hello, Mr Pie! Welcome to the forum.

    I'm not real familiar with the 795, but I'm betting it has a 3/8" dovetail rail on top of the receiver. It should be easy to find rings to fit, just make sure you get the proper size to fit the scope you choose.

    As for CA-DOJ.............sheesh, I'm not even sure where you could look that up, and even if you found the proper chapter, verse, paragraph and subsection, it would probably take six lawyers and a Yiddish scribe to interpret what the hotel it actually says. Good luck!

    Regarding the bipod, if it clamps on to the barrel itself, avoid it. It will play hell with your barrel harmonics, and therefore your accuracy. If it clamps on to the forward sling stud or the stock, it should be okay.

    Hope this helps, and again, welcome to the funny farm loony bin Marlin Forum.
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    Re: Just got my Marlin 795!!

    I went with this one on EBAY. Fits quickly and securely on the front sling swivel mount.
    I am very pleased with it.

    I have the Model 60 that I put in a Boyds Thumbhole stock, should work the same for the 795.
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    Re: Just got my Marlin 795!!

    Yep, the 795 will take a 3/8" dovetail set of rings. You can find them at WalMart in three sizes, one for scopes with objectives up to 36mm, one for scopes up to 40mm and a see-thru set which I would use for scopes that are too big for one of the others. Most of my scopes are 40mm jobs, so I use the second ones I described, but, if I can't find those rings, I opt for the see-thrus. If you buy a scope that is designed for rimfires, it will come with a set of rings for the 3/8" dovetail.
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