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Thread: Marlin Bull Barrel ?

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    Re: Marlin Bull Barrel ?

    The 2000/2000L/2000RWB were the bolt-action rifles with match chambers...and they were pretty darn sweet
    the MOST important thing to look for was the Biathelon Kit, which took it from a Single-shot, to being able to use box mags.
    There's a few folks on RimfireCentral that have 'em, and dearly love 'em

    The Marlin 7000 was the semi-auto bull-barrel offering, which was discontinued in 2004.
    I'm hoping that the new Remmy owners will consider doing a bull-barrel 795 soon...
    the letter-writing campaign continues...

    And, there should hopefully be another option within a few years...
    one joker in Nevada has made a CAD drawing of a Marlin 795 receiver that has a screw-in barrel option,
    so you could slap in a heavy barrel from WhistlePig or Voldquarzen or whoever...
    that's the thing Marlin MISSED on the semi-auto line...screw-ins instead of that lousy pin system.
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    Aside from the XT-22VR with Blued *Bull* Barrel, is there a Marlin or third party maker of a *Stainless* Bull Barrel for the XT-22 series (in LR not Mag)? I favor the stainless variety of barrels for the durabilty, looks and low maintenance, and would like to have both; Bull in Stainless. This would be similar to the XT-22MVSR that is Stainless Varmit Barrel for the .22Mag. Anyone know where I might find such a barrel.

    I'm new to this Blog, so forgive me if this has been discussed and answered somewhere else, as I just haven't found it yet.
    Thanks, John

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    My .17 is a bull barrel model and it is deadly accurate out to about 150 yards.
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    The 917VS I have is a factory stainless bull barrel 17hmr not sure if they made one in 22lr. ?

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    My 17VS .17 HMR has a bull barrel and is also deadly accurate. S/n puts it made 2003. Not sure it's considered a target model, but that heavy barrel is nice. My .22 Model 25 below it.

    I had to edit my post cause I just noticed the barrel says 17vs, and not 917vs...

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    Marlin 7000 (oops, just noticed Big Shrek mentioned this one already)
    Bolt action - Marlin 880 SQ (though IIRC, technically a "varmint " barrel)
    Last edited by P-bass; 02-23-2014 at 12:36 PM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by P-bass View Post
    Marlin 7000 (oops, just noticed Big Shrek mentioned this one already)
    Bolt action - Marlin 880 SQ (though IIRC, technically a "varmint " barrel)
    I like your WORD TO THE WISE - quote - - it is quite true and that old saying never made sense to me but I guess if you said "A WORD TO THE STUPID" people would not pay attention and get mad at ya . . . .
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    Yeah, the 880SQ, XT22VR model 2000 and VT17VR are all bull barrels. Excellent guns too. I love my 880 barreled 25N and the XT17 is easily the most accurate gun in my safe. I am in awe of its abilities! :-)
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