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Thread: Savage Mod 6a

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    Savage Mod 6a

    Do any of you guys have any experience with a Savage 6a? I have came across one in a local shop that I can get cheap enough for me. It is in pretty fair shape, wood is not gouged, checkering is still pretty sharp, Metal is not GREAT but there's no rust. Overall a decent rifle.

    My question is, did these come drilled and tapped ON TOP of the receiver? If so this one is missing the screws, If not would you still buy it with homemade holes there? I have googled around and cant find much info on these. Any info/opinions you guys have would be nice to hear.


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    Re: Savage Mod 6a

    If you don't get an answer here, try the Savage Shooters Forum. I'm sure someone there would know.
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    Re: Savage Mod 6a

    I have a Savage Model 6H that I have had since the 70's- what a deal... I painted the guy's house and in payment I got a Savage 6H with a Weaver scope on it. Anyway....

    I believe the 6H is just about the same gun- a very common gun in fact, made and sold in a number of configurations. Is your a .22 LR semi auto with a set of "gills" on the left side of the receiver? Mine has 2 gills- but I also have a Springfield 87A - same basic gun- but it has 5 gills.

    I doubt that it came from the factory drilled and tapped. Most of these were "entry level" 22's. If yours has a walnut stock its the high end of the Savage 6's. My 6H has a Maple stock and a grooved receiver.

    One neat thing about these rifles- its a semi auto that can shoot shorts and longs too. If you push the bolt knob in on the rifle, it locks the bolt and then functions as a bolt action. Pull the knob out- pull it to the rear and let it go forward to chamber the next round. To use it as a semi auto- just load it with 22 LR and leave the bolt knob pulled out.

    One warning- it can malfunction and go full auto. There is a screw at the bottom front of the action that helps hold the trigger assembly up and in place- if that screw backs out, it can go full auto, or fire when the bolt is cycled to the rear and released.

    I own 2 of these things- and Barenjager of the Handguns owns a few too. He's more knowledgeable than I am.

    My Savage is quite accurate and has more kills on it than anything else in the house- mostly fox squirrels.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Savage Mod 6a

    Quote Originally Posted by Maudite
    I own 2 of these things- and Barenjager...owns a few too. He's more knowledgeable than I am.
    I doubt there's any truth in that statement, but I do have a few "gill guns", although mine consist of a High Standard A1041 and the made for Sears Model 25, along with a Herters "Perfect".

    And yes, I too experienced a full-auto occurance with the Herters, but due to a faulty sear rather than the action screw.

    Savage/Stevens/Springfield produced a whole family of "gill guns" including the series 6, 87, 187, and 76. Maudite mentions the ability of the action to handle shorts or longs using the bolt handle to manually cycle the action. Another interesting feature of these guns...when used as a semi-auto, after a shot is fired the action remains open, the bolt held to the rear, until the trigger is released, giving these rifles a unique "click-clack" feel when firing.

    Parts are available from Numrich...

    And Bob's Gun Shop...



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    Re: Savage Mod 6a

    You will find a lot of info here .


    hope this helps


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