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    Marlin 7000T/Marlin Texan

    Hi guys thought id let you know about my most recent purchases the first one came up for sale on the UK guntrader website last week and sounded great just what id been after for a few years now a Marlin 7000T one owner from new and still with its original paperwork box etc and 5 mags it arrived yesterday and i took it to the range today and what a lovely gun now i know not everyones going to fall in love with the red white and blue captain america stock but its a quality bit of kit with a fully adjustastable butt plate the triggers good and the accuracy seems fantastic basically everything ive managed to get out of my 10/22after trying many different triggers barrels stocks etc for about a third of the cost,really really like this gun after a short time together and can see it being a keeper.
    Anyone have any info on how long and what years these rifles were made would be appreciated.

    Second buy was an 1897 Texan having owned a skinners sighted 39A for a while now i fancied getting one with the straight stock and octagonal barrel picked this one up locally just after xmas second hand but in mint condition with a Simmons Whitetail classic scope which i thought i would immediately ditch and shoot open sights but have left it on cus what a cracking little scope it is.
    When i first got it it would light strike 75% of the time god knows how the last owner shot it but after filing the firing pin stop a touch and getting rid of the rebounding hammer bottom strut all is now well.

    From the serial no the Texan seems to date from 2003 i know you guys seem to get better deals on your firearms than what we have to pay across the pond but the Texan came in at 650US$ and the 7000T 600US$ and im more than happy as both guns are like new.
    I will post some pics when i get around to it

    Cheers Phil

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    Re: Marlin 7000T/Marlin Texan

    Sounds like you got a couple of dandies! Looking forward to the photos.
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    Re: Marlin 7000T/Marlin Texan

    Sounds like someone ripped you off on the 7000 , but made up for it by way underpricing the Texan. Congrats on a couple of really neat guns that I wish Marlin still made.

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    Re: Marlin 7000T/Marlin Texan

    I have a 7000T AND a 39A.

    I have won many NRA silhouette matches with my 7000T. VERY accurate with standard velocity non plated 40 grain solids.

    My 39A is the most shot rifle I own. It is the best hunting rifle for small game. Very versatile in what ammo it shoots and it carries very well. I bring my big scoped 10/22T for long range critter shooting, but my 39A gets more table meat.

    Enjoy your 7000T.

    Long live Captain America!!!
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