Picked up an extremely dirty, well used, nasty Revelation 105 ( Marlin 780, Glenfield 25) bolt action the other day for $30. Missing the magazine and buttplate. Stock is in sad shape, but it will work for a beater rifle. Threw a 3-9x40 Simmons on top and threw some rounds into a target (loaded one by one). This old rifle that had been in a barn for god knows how long, can shoot better than any other rimfire I own. The trigger is a little tough, so I will be working on that, but the accuracy is astounding!

First off, does anyone know how to date the gun? Second, I cant find a buttplate to fit. I have looked for all variants of this rifle. I would not be opposed to buying a whole new stock, but I would much rather just have a buttplate. Does anyone know what other buttplates will fit this rifle?