Synthetic Stock Marlin 883
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    Synthetic Stock Marlin 883

    Does anyone know how to get a synthetic stock for the Marlin 883? Will the stock from a 983T work? Marlin wants almsot $100 for this stock so I was wondering if anybody knows if any other Marlin stocks will work. By the way ATI doesn't make these. I've also checked other aftermarket stock companies. Also, will a stainless barrel from the 883SS fit on a blued 883? I don't see why not.

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    Re: Synthetic Stock Marlin 883

    Quote By rangerruck January 19th, 2008, 11:42 PM
    the 883 is a wonderful 22mag, especially if it is wood stock, however if it is a synth stock, you should get a roll of aluminum tape, and shim up the sides and bottom of the action a bit, to keep it stable, while you are pulling the trigger rearward. As for the price, you positively stole if it is even in just working condition; a fair condition 22 mag would normally go for 150 bucks all day, a nice shape one should bring 200. A 783 marlin is one of 2 marlins more valuable, the most valuable ones are the ones that look like garands or 30 carbines.
    It should also be an outstanding shooter; so make sure you try a variety of 22 mag rounds, to find out which it likes best.
    You picked a fine, lifetime type rifle there, is what you did...<endquote>

    I'm not fond of synthetic stocks...mostly because of how they sound when in the brush...but if you are a target shooter only...enjoy

    The weight difference REALLY ain't that much, as long as you have average strength or better. If you can curl a 10-pound dumbell 50 times, a 5.5-pound rifle really won't feel like much.
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