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Thread: ITHACA single shot lever actions

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    There's a 20g at a local pawn for $135 . . good deal?
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    I have an Ithaca 12 gauge lever shotgun.... I've had it a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elkoholic View Post
    My first shotgun was the Ithaca M66 Buckbuster,20 gauge with rifle sights.I still have it with the orginal hang tag.Its got awsome blond wood.
    I bought the 12ga version with 22" (I think) for my Dad about 35-36 yrs ago. It also has that same light, honey colored wood, with lots of figure. Kicks a tad with slugs tho.

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    Any of you Ithaca 49 users need a butt plate? Somewhere in this house I have one marked "Ithaca" and the only Ithaca I can remember having was a M 49.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 48vintage View Post
    There's a 20g at a local pawn for $135 . . good deal?
    If it is in working order that is a fair price, if it is clean it is a bargain buy it asap.
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    I found a M49 in a small shop 25 years ago for fifty dollars. All four of my kids started
    out on it. Great training gun for beginners. Sold it to my brother for same money and his kids used it
    to learn on. I just had my first granddaughter a couple of weeks back. Been thinking of getting
    the Ithaca back from him to start her out. Lots of fond memories with my kids shooting that
    little single shot.
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    shot many a whitetail with the mod 66 back in the 70s when i was a young buck shotgun was the only gun we could use to hunt deer or smallgame with in NJ. many years have passed and that old mod 66 in 12 ga was sold back then. But last year year i was at a show and low and behold there in the rack was a super mod 66 full choke 30 in barrel in 12 ga. it has been about close to 40 yrs sense i had one of those in my hands so i asked the seller what he needeed to get for it he said 120.00 i made a counter offer of 90.00 he said SOLD and i almost ripped my pocket off taking my wallet out .Now i live in a state were you can use a wide range of arms to hunt with but the old ITHACA MOD 66 WILL ALWAYS HOLD A SPECIAL PLACE.

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