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Thread: Whose got a 10/22?

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    I've had one since September of 1967
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    The subject line should be, "Who doesn't have a 10/22..."

    I bought mine in July 1978. I paid $63.62 out the door at a catalog store.

    First thing I did was buy a Condor 25 round magazine for it. I didn't realize I needed to have some "smoothing" done to the bolt and chamber mouth for it to feed properly. I paid a shop $25 to have this done.

    I thought about an extended magazine release but I've found that just holding the rifle flat, right side up and pressing the factory release, the 10 round magazines drop free without a fuss.

    I have a second one in the safe that was willed to my brother when an uncle passed a while back. Since my brother lives out of state, he hasn't really shown any interest in taking possession of it. I'm using the 9/10ths possession law and calling it mine. IIRC, this one is an early 60's vintage one with a Weaver 4x scope mounted.
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    Mine started as a basic stainless and evolved into this. I built as something my younger son could plink with that more resembled my AR. He enjoys the more tactical look. It is a great shooting little rifle, and no end to the accessories available. I had a model 60 back in the mid 70's that had likely thousands of rounds pumped through it. image.jpeg
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    I owned one for nearly 30 years. It was a good gun but not all that accurate. So I upgraded mine, not by spending hundreds on modifications, but by selling it for $350 and buying a CZ 455 for $400. For a $50 upgrade I have a very accurate gun.
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    I bought a 10/22 the 1st year they came out. I was the standard model. In the next couple years I bought a Sporter and the original
    International. I still have the original sporter and the other 2 I gave to nephews several years ago. These rifles are stock, triggers
    tuned a little but no aftermarket parts. These rifles would shoot as well or better than anything on the market at near the same
    price range. I was a cheerleader for 10/22s until I bought a Sporter a few years back for grandson. Ruger has dropped quality on the
    10/22. Plastic trigger group, terrible triggers, and for some reason they are not as accurate as the originals. I like my old ones but
    will not be buying any new ones. I have put together dozens of them with after market parts that made them into Target grade. I'm
    not into that myself, I'd rather put the money into buying a rifle that shoots right out of the box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kraynky View Post
    Anybody jealous?
    Not jealous, but that is nice. My 10/22's keep going out the door when I get frustrated with the rotary magazines. Then later I decide to give one another try. Accurate, yes. But no more so than either of my Marlin 60's and the tube magazines cause many, many fewer sailor-words to be uttered. I had the Marlin bolts Que'd and they are slick. On the 10/22's, I always replace the magazine release because the stock one is, well, just stupid. And I always thought it was comical how people ranted about 10/22 accuracy, but they put in new triggers, new barrels, new stocks, new..... hey, that ain't the same gun any more.
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    I'm new to the 10/22. I just put a Federson barrel and a bunch of parts on mine. It's for whistle pigs. It shoots good.
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    The only stock part on my 1022's are the receivers.Everything else is Kidd.Boyd's thumbhole stocks.1/4" groups at 50yrds with CCI mini mags Got a takedown that I upgraded to all Volquartsen.Shoots 1/4 groups at 50yrds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crusty Deary Ol Coot View Post

    FUN GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I bought a Clark Custom 77/22 some years back because I wanted something to shoot tiny groups just for fun.

    Then maybe 5 years ago, I got the wild hair to buy a 10/22 just for fun and not do anything to it. Ya, like that wasn't going to happen.

    First was some bolt upgrades, extractor and springs and of course a bolt buffer while I was at it. Then --------- I like good triggers so in went a Timney trigger group.

    Then --------------- I saw on Rimfire Central that Feddersen had a bit of a sale on their barrels so I bought a .920 - 16.25" fluted barrel which meant I needed another stock.

    Found a used Fajen laminated stock and not liking the overly long wood with the short barrel, cut off 3" adding back a walnut forend tip of 1 1/2".

    Then --------------- the forend just seemed overly bulky so off to the router table to cut in finger grooves on each side of the barrel.

    Put in three hole for the forward sling/bipod attachment and WOW was the result great.

    Out shot the Clark Custom with it's Walther barrel and is so much lighter and handier that the CRuger went home with a son.

    The Feddersen barrels are awesome and this rifle that wasn't going to happen is ever so very accurate!

    Trick em out or not, these are fun rifles!

    Crusty Deary Ol'Coot

    Nice scope.
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    One thing that makes the 10/22 for me is the flush rotary magazine. 10 shots in a flush fitting magazine that is cheap to add several to your collection, and I have never worn one out... and I have put many many rounds thru them, some looked horrible from rough treatment, chemicals, home improvements etc... but using the online instructions to tear them down, clean them up... fine sandpaper to remove any flashing to internal parts, retention them adding a little more tension than factory (you can play with this find what you like best), and they just last forever and ever.

    The rotary magazine does add some bulk to the receiver, and stock area.. but I can live with that.
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