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    i am a fan too!!! both my dad and i have a wooden stock m7 ( both of them are the early 90's to mid 90's) in 7-08. we both have shot deer at 10 feet to 325 yards. i tell everybody that it is the best gun for for deer, whether you reload or use factory ammo. i don't use it much anymore( i have a tc encore in 444 marlin), my dad does, its his go to rifle.
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    One of the real advantages of the 7mm-08 is the lower recoil. I have a Browning X-Bolt Hunter in 7mm-08 and it is now scratched and beat up a bit but it has taken three deer and one elk. All of which dropped with one shot. I will admit the elk was hit in the shoulder area and I needed to finish him with my 44 Mag handgun but if I had hit a bit lower it would have been all over. My nephew used my 7mm-08 to take a really nice four point deer at 468 yards. One shot right in the heart. I was so proud of him for that shot. We found that bullet but the heart was a jelly mass.

    Here are the bullets from my elk.

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    I shot my last deer with a 7-08. I sold my .300 Win Mag. and only use the .308 class cartridges. I am getting too old to get beat up by a rifle. I killed a 700 pound plus Michigan elk with a .308- this class of cartridges is all you need as it is all in where you hit them anyway.-Locoman
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    One of my sergeants got one when they were newish to the market and used it exclusively for everything. He had a nice inheritance along the way and owns a vacation place in some good hunting country in Colorado. Deer, elk, and bear abound.

    Never used one, but they have a great reputation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HIKayaker View Post
    The 7mm-08 and the 7x57 (7mm Mauser) are ballistic twins. The 7mm Mauser has a phenomenal reputation as a game getter from back before 1900. No reason to expect any different from the 7mm-08. It is a relatively light recoiling cartridge that can be extremely versatile with hand loading. It may not handle the heaviest bullets (175gr) as optimally as the 7x57, primarily because the barrel twist rate is not optimized for the heavier, longer, 175 gr bullets. However, for the lighter weight bullets, the 7mm-08 gives nothing up.

    If you are determined to use the 175gr bullets, you will lose some case capacity, since the longer bullet must be seated deeper into the case for the 7-08, and velocity may suffer a little. Accuracy may not be equal to the lighter weight bullets due to the above mentioned barrel twist being optimized for lighter bullets. For the 7x57, the 175s can protrude further from the cases, as the round was originally loaded, and will still chamber and feed reliably. The 7x57 is often commercially downloaded to be safe in the old 1893 Mauser (used by the Spanish in the Spanish American War, and against Teddy Roosevelt in his charge up San Juan Hill, Cuba). In more modern rifles, it can approach 7mm Rem Mag ballistics. My '98 Mauser receiver, stainless barreled 7x57 regularly shoots 165gr Nosler Partitions into less than 1" at 2900 fps through my chronograph. Recoil is much lighter than my neighbor's 30-06.

    No need to be apprehensive over the 7mm-08. It is a fine round.
    Nosler doesn't make a 165 grain partition in 7mm (.284) - only in weights of 140, 150, 160 and 175 grain for the partition. Perhaps you load a 30 caliber cartridge in the 165 grain Partition? What powder and load are you using to safely get 2900 fps with a 160 grain + bullet in 7x57? Most published 7x57 load data max out around 2600-2650 fps for the 160 grain bullets. Just Curious !!

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    I load 120 gr Barnes with 43.5 gr of Varget, use a 700, taken several whitetails and an antelope, excellent rifle caliber combo.
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    20160627_201339.jpg Yes I recommended it to my nephew when he started hunting and he shot two bucks with one shot kills both times.7/08 flat shooten mild kick good results.

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