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    My wife has taken over a dozen whitetails with her 7/08 Browning A-Bolt Micro. Most were one shot kills.
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    I have to admit, I would be more excited with the rifle than the caliber. You just don't see too many of those wood stocked Model 7's anymore. But, I have always heard great reviews for the cartridge. You did good.
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    Thanks everybody for all the info
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    Quote Originally Posted by JLunsford View Post
    Couple weeks ago I got a Remington model 7 in 7mm-08 in a trade. I've owned a lot of rifles in my day but never a 7mm-08, anybody hunt with one ?
    I do, and mine's a Model 7 also. If I were to guess, the Model 7 and the 7mm-08 are almost a perfect marriage. Anything based on that case, which is why I have Model 7's in .243, .308 and the one in 7mm-08. Great compact rifles.
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    I guess that I kinda like this group of cartridges. Got a 243, 242AI, 7x57, 7mm08, 270 and several 308's. This year was mostly spent taking Marlin's in the woods, both pistol calibers and rifle calibers. Maybe I have a problem, I like them all!
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    I also love the 7mm-08 and as mentioned before it has a great parent case. The 260 rem is just as good, bullet selection is key as well as the recent introduction allows firearms to be loaded to modern pressures using factory ammo. As mentioned earlier 120-140/15ogr bullets is the workhorse in 7mm-08 the heavier longer bullets eat case capacity and hinder the cartridge...if you want to shoot the 175's go with the 7mm mauser on a long action.

    I'm not sure if i like the 260 or 7mm-08 the best bullet selection and performance is outstanding in both. I have a Sako A2 in 7mm-08 and have owned a Rem 700 LVSF in 7mm-08, I have a rem 700 in 260 rem.. I love the short action 308 parent case
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    If you plan to handload, without a chronograph back up. Be aware the 7mm-08 like most cartridges when placed in a carbine barrel is not going to get anywhere near the top velocities the manual give for the slower powders, the same is true for factory loads, talking hundreds of feet slower, the mid range powders will actually provide 100 to 300 fps more velocity in the short barrel depending on the powders compared.
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    I have killed many white tails and a few mule deer with mine. If I am fortunate enough to get drawn for antelope, it will be the rifle I take.
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    The 7mm-08 is a great caliber. It is my go to caliber for deer and long range elk. Close range elk I use my 45-70. Here is my four point I knocked down with my 7mm-08 at 285 yards.

    Right now I am loading the Hornady 162gr ELD-X for that rifle. I shot this bull with a Horandy 162gr SST bullet.
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    I'm a 7mm-08 fan too. We have a Browning A-Bolt Micro I bought for my son as a teen in the caliber many years ago, and a real tack driver. He still uses it, and took an Elk with his a few years ago as well, using 140gr Nosler Partition bullet it dropped right there. I've been thinking of adding a BLR to the stable in the caliber, just because, ha! Anyway, congrats and enjoy your new rifle.
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