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Thread: I'm Building A New Bear Gun

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    The 308 should be plenty for black bear, you said you have already purchased the Ruger American...the one thing I dislike about the ruger american is the bolt opening, if you are scrounging trying to get a cartridge in single load style the small area to load from the top single feed style if crap hits the fan is not ideal in my opinion. Most of the newer redesigned actions are going this route vs the older wide open bolt port. It's just a small detail, and not a knock against your choice I just prefer the older style actions with top single load access. It's nice to have all the choices we have in choosing a firearm, action, cartridge etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muley Hunter View Post
    Will do if the .308 doesn't bounce off the game.
    Ya, mention BEAR on this forum, or pretty much any hunting forum, and people get all excited! That's cool.

    I LIKE your cartridge selection! Haven't tried that Ruger, but Ruger tends to build a good rifle. My son and I have taken several bear. He always uses his .30-06, with a 165 grain Nosler Partition at 2750 fps, which is very similar to the .308 Win. I took mine in 2016 with a .30-06 and a 165 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip at 2900 fps, and it worked fine. One shot, one bear. Am convinced that a hunter of your experience, will do just fine. I like the idea of the Nosler Partition BTW. Have been using those for several decades, and they just work!

    I'd use a .308 with good bullets in a heartbeat!

    I'm using a 1.5-5x Leupold scope on my bear rifle these days. I've used it on a 320 yard bear and on a 10 - 15 foot distance bear... Worked great on both situations.

    Please update us with photos of the rifle and of your next hunt!

    Regards, Guy

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    A good .308 round if you reload is open your .308 chamber to a 30/284. Feeds through the short action and runs right there with the 30/06. Some loads actually exceed the good old '06. My uncle and my cousin have taken a lot of game with the 30/284 with great results on dropping game on the spot. I don't have one as I never got into the 30 caliber much. When I went over 7MM it was on up to the 35 caliber and the 350 Magnum. Personally now if bear was on my agenda and was going to use what I already have I would just take the 444 Marlin and never think twice. 265 Hornady. No gummy tips. Just lead on the front for me.

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