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Thread: One gun/caliber person question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msharley View Post
    Hey Baker,

    Depends on the area one hunts, or anticipates hunting. Here in PA, the average venison at 75 yds. (lots of places around here, 75 yards would be a "long" shot) LOL

    If longer shots are "regularly" encountered, agree with Texas Shooter, the 30-06 is tough to beat. The 30-06 is a "proven" caliber, and will take venison (deer/elk/moose) and ursine critters with aplomb. Even with a small amount of practice, a competent rifleman/woman can place shots accurately at 200 yds. A bit more practice, and venison can/have been harvested in excess of 500 yds. (the .308 generates near the same ballistics, with less recoil and a rifle about 1/2 pound lighter)

    All of the calibers based on the '06 are good choices for venison. The .338/06 and the .35 Whelen are excellent ursine medicine.

    For strictly venison, the .243, 6.5 Swedish/Mauser and 7mm Mauser are good "low recoiling" choices.

    The only "draw back" is that with few exceptions (BLR, 760...) the .308/30-06 is usually a bolt action rifle. Not quite as "handy" in the "thick".

    If most/all hunting is done in the "thick", then either the 30-30, .32 Special (32-40), .35 Rem, 38-55 or 45/70 will fill the "bill". All of these rifle/calibers have taken lots of game, over the years.

    If hunting bear, moose and elk in the "thick" is on the annual itinerary, the 45/70 may well be the best choice.

    Here in PA, the 30-30 (notice the "hyphen") LOL still "harvests" the vast majority of venison.

    Okay Baker, have outlined the main "options" LOL

    Think it depends. If a hunter/huntress lives out in the "wide open", a good bolt rifle (maybe with a bi-pod?) would be "best".

    If the hunter/huntress lives and hunts in the "thick", the lever rifle offers a lot of advantages.

    If recoil is a problem (smaller shooter/injuries), the 30-30 is still a great caliber.

    If brown ursines are expected (or on the menu), the 45/70 (or .444) is good medicine.

    Another option for a "physically challenged" hunter (or a youth) would be an 1894 in .357 Mag. Low on recoil, light in weight, "handy" and just fine for close hunting.

    Of course, if a hunter is mainly concerned with tree rats and rabbits, the Marlin 39 is a GREAT RIFLE!

    Sorry, failed to list "one rifle/caliber" LOL!

    Think the hunter/huntress needs to decide which game is to be pursued, and the topographic features of the area to be hunted........before a logical choice can be made.

    How much recoil can the hunter "stand"? How much weight can the hunter "pack"?

    Ammo/component availability? "Selection"? (quality bullets/ammo for a variety of game)

    Later, Mark
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    if I were to own only one rifle, it would be the .30-06

    may not be best choice but it is capable of taking any North American game, ammo choices are wide and versatile, ammo available almost anywhere, most reasonable cost centerfire ammo on the market for the calibers in it's class

    extreme accuracy, long range capable, very versatile
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    Knowing the area you live in, I would go with the 30-06. You can shoot anything from rock chucks all the way up to elk and bear with it.

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    Will if it was me 7mm mag hands down !!!

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    I say 30.06 also.
    It will kill anything in North America and you can get ammo in just about every city and town you go to.

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    Squirrel hunting with a 30-06 may be a bit of a challenge, maybe not, if ya like squirrel paste soup. The 30-06 round does a fantastic job on a great number of things, but it is not the best "all around" in my opinion. It would be a mistake to assume the OP is only hunting 30-06 sized game. As far as I know, there is only one gun that has a proven track record for hunting almost any type of game, and that's a shotgun. Birds, small game, big game and two legged intruders, the shotty has em all about covered. If I was going to living out in the wilderness for an extended period, a solid pump action shotgun would be my choice for maximum versatility.

    Keeping in mind we are just talking hunting, I've been told that the teensy weensy 22lr has put more meat on the table than all other calibers combined. I dunno if this claim is true or not but I have no reason to doubt it. I have also heard tell that the preferred round of illegal hunters and poachers of deer is the 22lr. Again, I have no proof of this but it's been mentioned in so many places that I'd have to at least consider it may be true.

    So, those are my thoughts on all around hunting. Now, if the OP intends to hunt only CXP2 and CXP3 game, that changes the equation drastically. I'd be more inclined to jump on the 30-06 band wagon if this is the case. For economy, availability, comfort and bullet selection, the .308 may be a slightly better choice over 30-06. I think .243 and .270 are also deserving of consideration.
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    I've got a couple rifles and if I had to pick one it would be the 30/06. I have shot squirrel with sized buck, 1/2 jacket 100gr; and have shot Turkey and Fox with AP ammo to keep meat and fur damage down. Even shot a squirrel with AP once.

    Shoot 150s from my m70s and 180s+ from my 95Win. These have accounted for a lot of deer. I have never shot anything bigger than a deer with 30/06, but I would not have been afraid to use in on Moose & Elk. I just had a few rifles and used one that was more matched to the game.

    My favorite 06 for woods hunting is an 1895 Win. If I was to have one hunting rifle it would be a M70 Win, 30/06.
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    A good bolt-action .30-'06 is never a bad choice.

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    The overwhelming response is the 30-06, I agree 100%.
    The 45-70, the only government I trust.

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    .308 WCF. For all practical purposes duplicates 06 performance, in a lighter package, and a shorter barrel has less velocity losses when compared to the 30-06. Got a Stainless BLR with an 18" barrel that is the same length AND WEIGHT as a Model 94 Winchester. The .308WCF 180grn, especially when loaded with superformance powders, matches 30-06 standard factory loadings. For all North American game out to 400 yards the 308 is tough to beat.

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