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Thread: Reloading the 257 roberts

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    wondering if anybody has used cast lead in the 257 I have a RCBS 257 120 sp that I bought for my 25 rem but have not gotten around to that project eather.The guy I use to buy my cast from liked lead for his rem clasic in 257 but don't know what he fead it .any ideas WW

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    Odd as this sounds in a bottlenecked high velocity rifle, I've used plainbase and gaschecked bullet in the rifle and find it does quite well. But most rounds of this type do better than we would think, and the slightly smaller than '06 size case capacity seems to be a benefit. Try some 2400, 4759, 5744, 4227, etc. and you'll do well. It actually helps if the rifle has a few jacketed rounds through it to ease the leade somewhat, but my rifle shot decently with cast from the get go. 1600/1800 fps with gaschecked bullets works well.

    Can't say I've used that particular bullet you mention though.
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    Reflecting back to "what Dad did" again, his and Grampie's 257's came with 24" barrels (Remington Model722) and he had them cut back to 21", for reasons unknown to me. His load of 45gr of IMR4350 with 117gr and 120gr jacketed (His favorite for accuracy was a Norma bullet, no longer available). When I inherited these rifles, Dad suggested I play with 100gr bullets as he had come to believe they were "enough for Whitetails". I am away from home right now, but I recall a bunch of loads in the 3100-3200fps arena.

    Stepping outside the box, open to discussion, the rifles are equal and the brass is equal, so, if the 257 has greater case capacity than the 260Remington, is there any tangible reason for the 257 to be loaded at any less pressure than the 260? Not to me. Just because "SAAMI says" is not enough reason for me, as they have proven to be fairly arbitrary in their pressure ratings. Got any "real reasons"?

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    The 257 Roberts is the ONLY rifle caliber that SAAMI has established a Plus-P standard for, IIRC the old data was limited to 54,000 PSI, the Plus-P data is allowed 58,000. Not a huge difference, but enough to help give it a boost. The older limit was set back in the 1920's when we were still learning about making better barrel steels, but has no relevance today, which is why SAAMI recognized the need for hotter loads. There aren't a lot of rifles chambered for the Roberts these days, mostly due to the success and popularity of the 25-06, but Ruger, Kimber and a few other quality/custom riflemakers do chamber it. I think it's a better choice than some of the newer offerings, it's not the short/fat (more efficient) configuration so popular these days, but I still like the ballistics. It's nothing more than a necked-down 7mm Mauser (7x57), one of the most popular chamberings ever made.

    I'm a fan of the 100-grain .257" bullets, myself. I don't see the need for the 117-and 120-grainers unless you're going after mule deer or elk. And while the 25-06 can use every bit of a 24 (or even 26) inch barrel, I think the Roberts does just fine in a 22-inch tube.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 35remington View Post
    simple observation says that a lot of the recent Plus P Roberts data still isn't very plus P. In fact some of it is going backward.

    Been also shooting some 110's lately.
    Have you had any luck with the 110? Any load data?

    .257 Roberts......

    I loaded some Nosler cases. 110 Accubond, IMR 4350 @ 43.5gr, CCI LR BR2, OAL 2.873 .045 off lands. Ruger Hawkeye UL 20" barrel. Only getting average 2695fps measured with a digital ProChrono. No pressure signs. About 100fps slower than factory Nosler Trophy Grade ammo chronoed the same day @ average 2800fps.

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    Barnes Bulletes lists a MAXIMUM load of 50 grains of RL 19 under a Barnes 100 grain XFB. This is the load 35remington is referring to that we tried with great success.

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    For anyone thinking of getting a new rifle in the Roberts, the new Winchester Model 70 has been offered in 257 as a special edition or special buy for the last two years and you may still find one out there. Might be worth a check with your Winchester dealer. I have two of these special editions in the new Model 70 and can recommend the gun, highly. Both shoot under an inch, as advertised, with the right factory loads.

    My 2013 Maple Edition Featherweight in 257 Roberts (now wearing a scope, of course).

    My Super Grade in 257

    A friend of mine at our shooting range also has the Kimber Classic II in 257 and can highly recommend it, too.
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    I had a Remington 700 Classic many years ago, and a sporterized Mauser 98 with a Win. Model 70 barrel, both in .257 Roberts. This is a wonderful little cartridge. Very accurate, minimal recoil and muzzle blast. It's one of my 2 favorite deer cartridges (the other being 7x57.) My hunting load was 49.0 gr. of H4831 behind a 117 gr Nosler partition bullet, yielding 2975 fps (per the loading manual, I didn't have a chronograph in those days.) This was a maximum load, so be sure to approach it carefully if you choose it. This was a wonderful hunting load--I once hit a blacktail deer that field dressed 135 lbs in the hind quarter, and the bullet penetrated nearly the entire length of the deer, exiting just behind the opposite shoulder. The NPB is, IMO, the perfect bullet in this round for hunting. It always gives deep penetration and good expansion. I think you've made an excellent choice in both rifle and cartridge.

    The Roberts is a different animal with handloads than factory loads, giving nearly .25-06 performance. the factories don't offer anything like possible velocities in this round due to the high numbers of old, weak actions around. I've often wondered why nobody has come out with a .257 cartridge based on the .243 Win. case, similar to the way they did with the 7mm '08. Like the latter, it could improve on the older round (7x57 in the case of the 7mm '0 because it'd only be available in the newer, stronger actions. I think it'd be neat to have a factory round that'd offer .25-'06 performance in a short cartridge.

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    PJ, I had a Ruger 77 in .257 went the whole route on bullets trying to get one hole groups at 200.

    Nothing seemed to work well til I tried some 87 gn spire pts and IMR4320, Hornady 75HPs worked well also.

    Both them bullets shot the one hole groups I wanted, but not till I was at near max loads.

    My Remington would not shoot the light bullets anywhere near a group.
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    I really like the 100 gr bullets and IMR 4350 in my bob all the blacktail deer i have shot with it have only needed one shot

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